Trump Lawyer Says Don Jr.’s Russia Meeting Was Secret Service’s Fault

This past Sunday on ABC’s This Week program,
Jay Sekulow, who is a member of Donald Trump’s legal time, said that it was actually the
fault of the US Secret Service that the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer
and a former Russian intelligence official, it was the Secret Service’s fault that this
meeting ever happened. According to Sekulow, if this meeting was
nefarious, the Secret Service absolutely should have just stepped in and put an end to it
because, after all, the role of the Secret Service is not just to provide physical protection
for those under Secret Service protection, but it is also an investigative unit. They should have absolutely looked at this,
said, “Hell no,” and not let the meeting happen if it were nefarious. The fact that they didn’t step in, according
to Sekulow, proves that this meeting was as harmless as can be. It’s an interesting argument and I’m sure
it’s an argument that the Sekulow and the rest of the legal team are prepared to make
in court if necessary. But the truth is, at that time, in June 2016
when the meeting took place, Donald Trump Jr. was not under Secret Service protection,
which means he did not have to clear any meetings through the Secret Service. He did not have to alert them that things
were happening. He did not have to tell them who he was going
to be with, where he was going to be, or what he was going to be doing. Do you see the point I’m trying to make here? Donald Trump Jr. did not tell the Secret Service
about this meeting because he didn’t have to. They weren’t protecting him. They didn’t know about it. Their only job in June of 2016 with regards
to the Trump family was protecting Donald Trump himself. So, Sekulow’s argument, his legal argument,
falls apart on its face because people aren’t willing to look up and see that, oh wait,
Trump Jr. wasn’t covered by the Secret Service during that time. At least that’s what Sekulow is hoping people
will do. However, all of the news stories talking about
this since then have pointed out that fact. But here is what he is trying to do, and we
have seen the Trump administration doing this for the last week, we’ve seen them doing it
for a longer time, but last week it really got put on steroids. They’re trying to blame everybody else other
than Donald Trump Jr., Kushner, and Manafort for this particular meeting. I mean, towards the end of last week, Donald
Trump himself was trying to blame Hillary Clinton for it, saying, “Why does this matter? If they’re not going to investigate Hillary,
why are they investigating this?” Or, here’s another little theory poking around
on Fox News and other right-wing websites. This meeting was actually set up by the Democrats
in order to take down the Trump administration. Any form of misdirection they can use is what
they will go with. It doesn’t matter if it’s completely absurd
because plenty of right-wing news outlets have even said that the Democratic set up
conspiracy theory is absolutely absurd. But that’s not going to stop them. Right now, they’re just throwing the spaghetti
at the wall, seeing what’s going to stick, what works best with the American public,
which one are they going to buy into out of our countless lies about this particular meeting. Because the bottom line is this. This meeting was bad. It makes the Trump administration look bad. It points to possible collusion between the
campaign and people from Russia. There is no way to spin it to make Donald
Trump Jr., or Jared Kushner, or Paul Manafort, or anyone else look like they were just a
simpleton that somehow got duped by an outside source. The Trump administration knows they screwed
up and they’re using whatever trick, tactic, they have to convince the public that it wasn’t
their fault.

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