Jack and I appreciate your you know your art in defense of the Trump administration and of course it’s done in this instance but the reality of it is we know that intent absolutely is a problem collusion is the word that’s been used but its intent to conspire and that would be to break a federal election law that law has been cited you have to have the intent you have to have tried to receive something which he did and there’s one other element that of course I can’t remember right which law are you talking about there’s a better owner Bob are you working do you want me to tell you what it is they’re just that talks about you receiving information from an outside entity or a foreign government that is the law I’m happy to put a cue and tweet are you talking about on every barrel are you talking about us how far along so these are one of them stop that okay I got it this week okay exactly and then you will join me on the DNC and Alexandre chalupa who was visionary in government organizer level oh it’s very well coordinated effort addresses that are today I agree with what if you joined well you broke the law there’s a lot on this quote where I’m so loosely and if and if indeed that is the case on the Ukrainian side I will stand with you and say no one should be receiving information to overthrow her to thwart election results absolutely so right now we’re talking about your president there’s two things from one of your last answers I want to get to get some more information on right now you said that critics are pointing to the willingness of Don junior to have this meeting to get information from the Russian government as being problematic you’re not a critic of Don jr. you’re a supporter of the Trump you know a campaign in the top administration you have no problem with Don’s you’re going in under the promise of Russian government information at her Hillary Clinton you have no problem with that I think it was naive I think what he was saying is okay I want to people have to say I would have had a huge problem if they it had some big revelations and they do not taunt over to the only thing the only thing to the trunk me that Donald Trump jr. seemed to be upset about after the meeting was that they didn’t have bigger information his big complaint was that they didn’t deliver what was promised there so I you know you’re the first you thought he was naive by going in so you can’t just say that it’s only critics who don’t have a problem with it you have a problem in that grab that well I also want to say this and I say this on behalf of Angela and other critics is that I think it should have been reported better obviously we at this point anything that had to do with Russia needs to be fully cards up on the table I understand that and I thought patience Jack and I think the reality of the reality of it is is he went into this meeting he intended to receive this information they planned a press conference about revelations they thought they would receive that has been corroborated by those two things aren’t connecting are very solid or not connected up they’re not connected at all because everybody was saying stuff about Hillary’s emails in the Ukraine everybody was saying forever sitting on the brink cuz they never met and Podesta owned in millions of dollars in Russia Wow and I said hang on hang on that was going on to rot dollar out for the candidate Donald Trump when he promised a big speech on Hillary Clinton we don’t know if it was tied to meeting that his son was having that we don’t know anything you know Jenny but now there’s all kind of head sights that went on we don’t know Tommy maybe swish it’s not we don’t know if that’s what he was doing the issue of who was in the meeting you said I was just some small publicist with anything serious why would he be there well why would Paul Manafort be there here’s the campaign chairman you know if it was just some publicist spouting rumors there why would the campaign chair show up at that well I am I can say well I can say this haven’t been in the headquarters many times during the campaign there was free flow of people coming in going and so I can see them brought that in on it but I could also tell you this Paul Manafort would not have walked out of there with information that he felt was a violation of the law and not done something about that I know that much about Paul metaphor he would not have played with uranium s52 who might be saying or anything nuclear like this just want to do that I think there could have been mistakes by Jared and Dawn because they were non elected officials and non put non-political but Paul Manafort would have known better and he would have done something about it but I want to say this do you really think that they would have had five people in a meeting if this was about colluding with Russia it just defies logic again oh and what Donald Trump really go out publicly and say I got to do something just this is all it’s this whole I got you now approach the Democrats have had since the the investigation first started before you went into a press conference during the summer asking Russia to find the other 30,000 emails there are a lot of things that your president has done to defy logic let’s at least a young president to Angela your president the President of the United States Angela ride Jack Hanks and great to have you both with us thanks so much on health effects thanks John and well there are desperate stories now coming out from the wives of Isis fighters they have been rounded up in jailed as the Caliphate Caliphate collapses in Syria Nick Paton Walsh has these powerful stories from the women next

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