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hi I’m a news person and here’s some news the President of the United States his son Donald Trump jr. which makes the president Donald Trump it’s true I looked it up and his son tweeted emails between himself and a real character named Rob Goldstone the emails contain the sentence this is obviously very high-level and sensitive information but it’s part of Russia and it’s government support for mr. Trump helped along by RS and Eman now the two Russian gentlemen mentioned our father and son like the president and his son and they’re both wealthy real estate moguls who put their sons in charge of stuff the Trump Samia gala ROVs also have a relationship due to real estate deals in the Miss Universe pageant and will hopefully get to them later they’re merely mentioned as being a part of the Russian government support for mr. Trump current president the email sets up a meeting with a Russian lawyer to discuss incriminated information about Hillary Clinton who is not the president now from junior defended this email chain on Sean Hannity world famous tough interviewer of the president and his family when he said someone sends me an email I can’t help what somebody sends me that’s pretty flimsy do we have a clip I didn’t know there was any credibility to know there’s anything behind it I can’t vouch for the information now someone sent me an email I can’t help but someone sends me no but I’m sure the interview went on as Hannity points out but also you responded to the email several times plan and participated in a phone call via those emails forwarded those emails to Jared Kushner and then Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort who I also hope to get to later and participated in an in-person meeting under the pretense of getting damaging information from the Russian government which explicitly supports the election of donald trump president do we have a clip of that dang okay that maybe was just backup because this has been an ongoing story and there’s a lot of hysteria surrounding it as well as a lot of blind denial of the existence of anything here at all and we try to not only talk about Donald Trump on this show we want to be fair and balanced but to be fair he loves when people talk about him and to be balanced he’s the president so this week it’s all Russia baby but like I said let’s back up this is a complex story and it’s ongoing and it’s hard to see the whole puzzle because there are so many pieces and some of it might be meaningless and some of it is probably meaningful so you put everything in it and it’s a soup of delicious spices and vegetables and rocks and twigs that nobody wants because it’s a mixed metaphor of puzzles and soup like what is that what we’re going to try really hard to cram as much about this into the short amount of time that we have together I love our time together so for the third time let’s back up and look at a timeline well June 14 1946 Donald Trump is born that is too early let’s jump to the general time period of the 1970s to the 2010s in which Donald Trump developed a long well-documented history of being fined for crimes so you say we have a Star Wars Crawford [Music] but those aren’t explicitly russia-related they’re just well-documented shady business practices and taking advantage of people and charities for personal gain let’s get specific like Donald Trump jr. in 2008 saying quote Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets we see a lot of money pouring in from Russia end of quote but that’s just one son in one speech it’s not like there are numerous reports indicating the Trump Organization received substantial financial help from Russia in the 90s and during the Great Recession because US banks refused to loan Trump money except of course it’s like that then there’s this story from 2014 that describes Eric Trump the other sound saying quote well we don’t rely on American banks we have all the funding we need out of Russia end of quote there’s the Reuters report that 63 Russian billionaires have invested nearly 100 million dollars into several Florida Trump properties there’s also Trump’s ongoing relationship with felix seder a real estate developer and actual russian mobster who literally lived in Trump Tower and worked with him on four different projects a few of which went under I wonder why what’s money laundering I don’t know to be clear though none of this is incriminating outright if you ask Trump’s old campaign manager Paul Manafort about Trump’s relationship with Russia he’ll say this so to be clear mr. Trump has no financial relationships with any Russian oligarch that’s what he said that’s what I said that’s obviously what the opposition is hey good time or what the Donald Trump and the White House continually have to say about at all I have nothing to do with Russia Trump has no business in Russia but if he doesn’t then why does he and if he does why deny it that is suspicious his behavior in regards to Russia if none of it is true is suspicious but suspicions don’t mean anything it’s like that old phrase if suspicions were verifiable people would go on trial for them so let’s forget Russia for a second and travel to 2013 when the father and son mentioned on juniors email convinced on senior to bring Miss Universe to Moscow Russia damn it didn’t take long but here they are and Rob Goldstone we krump and again and again okay so when gold stone in its email to the president son says this quote is part of Russia and it’s government support for mr. Trump helped along by ours and Emin it’s important to note that ours and Emin definitely have a relationship with the president here he is tweeting at and about them as well as the possibility of Trump Tower Moscow as well as a recent report hit in 2013-2014 the Trump Organization and ours his company were definitely developing Trump Tower Moscow Don jr. was in charge Ivanka scouted location with Emin in Moscow in 2014 a couple of years before I have nothing to do with Russia I have nothing to do with the Russia folks okay I have nothing to do with Russia just don’t lie about it and we’ll be less suspicious of you anyway the other person involved in this meeting with the president son when Natalia vasilich skya a Russian lawyer who represents a lot of Russian state-owned businesses she’s been a longtime advocate against the 2012 Magnitsky Act which can’t kind of go back to 2012 2012 please the Magnitsky Act was a reaction to a 2009 event 2009 okay so in 2009 lawyer Sergei Magnitsky had accused Moscow law enforcement of stealing 230 million dollars of tax and tax rebates from his client he was beaten to death in jail which is something footings government is super into and I hope we have time to get into that so in response to this the u.s. passed the Magnitsky Act which imposed sanctions on the people involved Putin hated this and banned adoptions by Americans Putin hates a lot of stuff when he was elected president he shut down newspapers and Putin place his own media and propaganda outlets he has a history of threatening those who oppose him and in some cases killing them or jailing them sometimes both like that case we just talked about when journalists and activists started posting and creating information on LiveJournal Putin launched a campaign of bots and paid trolls to post negative comments and boost misinformation which sounds familiar in some recent kind of way and then he ended up buying a live journal because it was one of the places Russians were getting true information about him and his government it’s important to avoid unreasonable Russians area but the guy’s a liar in Trump’s two-hour closed-door meet with him Trump asked Putin if he meddled in our election and Putin said no so Trump’s like see he said no okay an idiot sorry this started out shut down from juniors emails right okay so let’s flash forward a little bit more to when Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was fired after being accused of assaulting a journalist in his place in March of 2016 the Trump campaign hired a man named Paul Manafort and I guess it’s time to do a segment on him called a Paul Manafort mall Santa would love it so Paul Manafort has received millions and millions of dollars from the Ukrainian and Russian government he helps get a pro Putin president elected in Ukraine records recently obtained by The Associated Press indicate that Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska paid mana for ten million dollars a year to lobby for Putin friendly oligarchs in Ukraine and a pro-russian government in Georgia Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and to undermine anti-russian sentiment using front groups and media a memo written by Paul Manafort in 2005 reads quote we are now of the belief that this model can greatly benefit the Putin government if employed at the correct levels was the appropriate commitment to success end of quote written by Paul Manafort campaign manager for the Trump campaign he goes on to describe the effort which quote again will be offering a great service that can refocus both internally and externally the policies of the Putin government end quote again now let’s pause for a minute [Music] oh sorry I just wanted to think a little more about the fact that Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort literally wrote the sentence we are now of the belief that this model can greatly benefit the Putin government is employed at the correct levels with the appropriate commitment to success which will be offering a great service that can refocus both internally and externally the policies of the Putin government and I guess nobody cares so moving on this has been Tom Anna Ford Mulsanne support slash forward a couple months to Paul Manafort and current Attorney General Jeff Sessions having some undisclosed meetings with Russian ambassador kids lyac at the Republican National Convention right before the Trump campaign behind closed doors altered the Republican platform to no longer include support of Ukraine its conflict with Putin in Russia but again whatever who cares Alex flash to Donald Jr getting an email from people he knows about other people he knows offering and criminais ting information about Hillary Clinton as quote part of Russia and his government support for mr. Trump Donny Jane forged this email to Jared Kushner husband of the president’s crush and real estate kid in charge of solving all of these problems and he also forwarded it to Paul Manafort Trump campaign manager and well-documented Russian stooge and so they scheduled a meeting and then Donald Trump announced on television that he would have a big press conference about Hillary Clinton and all of her crimes and emails and then the meeting happened and according to Donald Jr there was no substance and then less than an hour after the meeting Donald Trump senior tweeted about Hillary Clinton’s email but also Don junior casually mentioned that all they mostly talked about was adoption related to the Magnitsky Act something couldn’t hate and that that’s more or less the story of dumb jr. tweeting his emails so I guess we should just breeze past instances of Trump surrogates like Rudy Giuliani and Roger stone predicting the dump of DNC emails via WikiLeaks before it happened and let’s quickly flash-forward to Trump firing the man in charge of investigating him for colluding with Russia literally the day before meeting with the Russian ambassador behind closed doors with no media presence at the request of Vladimir Putin and let’s flash forward more to just a month ago when Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice quietly dismissed a money-laundering case involving the captive family a client of Natalia vasilevskaya who is involved in the tax fraud scheme that led to the death of Sergei Magnitsky and to really take it full circle let’s flashback word to the day after the 2016 election when Rob Goldstone who set up this meeting with Paul Manafort posted this on Instagram maybe Donald Trump jr. is only kidding maybe we’re being trolled by demons I don’t know maybe Trump didn’t know he was being influenced by Russia and Putin and Paul Manafort despite having a history of denying as well-documented ties to Russia like maybe the investigation will conclude and trumple realize oh no I’ve colluded but you can’t deny key components of this even if some of it can be explained away some of its circumstantial all of it can’t and all of it isn’t and I had to leave a lot of it out there’s something here for a long time the Trump’s and Hannah days and Breitbart denied collusion and we’re seeing them shift to the position the collusion is simply okay some people are even blaming the deep state for all of this alleging that this is all an Obama conspiracy and Natalya and the gallery of Czar plants who set up Don jr. which would mean there was a massive conspiracy by the Obama administration to plant people to help get Trump elected so that he may then use those people to remove Trump from office great plan for people who deep throat conspiracy theories for a living it’s bizarre that they’re so uninterested when one like this flops directly into their mouths it’s so obvious I mean Donald Trump’s campaign manager wrote that quote we are now of the belief that this model can greatly benefit the Putin government if employed at the correct levels with the appropriate commitment to success which will be offering a great service that can refill focus both internally and externally the policies of the Putin government shouldn’t that be enough well respectfully disagree but at least nothing will come of this probably so end of episode call your congressperson about this your bill thanks for watching [Music] hey buddy thanks for watching that video subscribe to our channel click the Big C and if you want notifications I mean we have new videos click the bell icon and that’s it

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