[Music] Senate Republicans now delaying their fight to repeal and replace Obamacare as Senator John McCain is recovering from eye surgery we need to hold together Republicans to campaign as promised in 2010 to repeal and replace Obamacare and we think we’ll be able to do that we’ve promised health care repeal and replace for for seven eight years and our people expect us to get it done the desperate search intensifying after a deadly flash flood swept away a family in Arizona nine bodies including six children recovered at this hour when you take a look at the counties that he won on election day what does that tell you if he’s still maintaining it and while the Democrats are running around talking Russia Russia Russia he’s talking about the things that affect them in their daily lives the Senate Judiciary Committee says it wants Donald Trump jr. to testify the meeting and with the place with the meeting is not a violation of any law that sugar-coat made in America week that kicks off officially today the president is now taking the lead pushing for made-in-america higher America this is a continuation of the focus by the President to celebrate recognize and grow jobs in them [Music] in [Music] thirty in the run down or did you’ll do this on perfect you add in really just like you need a drink and you need to be on the beach and you need to be dancing like drink like this is something with a little umbrella yeah you need some Kahlua in that right about that if that floats your boat all right oh I got the reference the summer reference the ocean the boat you just project there easy I told you that I plan to show your real and later him let’s bring in David bossy former deputy campaign manager for Donald Trump for president he’s also the president of citizens united in a Fox News contributor good morning to you sir good morning thanks for having me okay it’s hot hot hot down in Washington DC as we were expecting the CBO score to come out today maybe a vote later out of the week but things in the Senate are on hold right now as John McCain recovers from brain surgery they did a craniotomy or I think that’s what it’s called where they removed a two-inch clot now we’ve got to figure out how good and how well he’s doing so they think can come back excuse me what’s the status of this particular health care bill right now in the Senate well does the president have the votes well first of all my my thoughts and prayers are with Senator McCain this morning it is a serious serious thing that he’s going through I hope him that he does well in his recovery you know he said he’s one of the last of a generation right the you know award a true war hero heard like that you know I’ve not had agreed with him on a lot of things in the Senate over the years but he’s a true American Hero for a lot of people so I wish him well that this Senate bill is is going to make it through it is going to be very difficult over the next week while we wait for John McCain because when senators are sitting around watching television and watching the coverage they get a little hinky as they say here and I think that I prefer a vote today or tomorrow as opposed to later this week or the beginning of next but it is going to get done well the problem is you have Sen Susan Collins says I want you to deal with Democrats and Rand Paul says this isn’t exactly what I want so there’s a Republicans are not on for there’s about eight David that are not on board yet or not off board what role can the president have effective in the house he’s been somewhat qua much more muted on the Senate side well I think he what he’s done is let the process work the way that it’s supposed to work and I think the president’s letting Mitch McConnell and in his staff and Mitch McConnell’s leadership team put this together and I think it is on the House and Senate this is let’s make sure we’re all clear Donald Trump has been on the political landscape for a year he’s been the president a year and a half and he’s been president for six months but we Republicans conservatives ran to repeal and replace Obamacare for seven years he came to Washington President trumpet with the belief that that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell had a plan there was in January but they were going to do it in January or February and there was a plan because for seven years every candidate has been running on repealing and replacing I just say let’s slow down in the blame game there’s plenty to go around look did the White House communicate this correctly I think the communications and and the legislative team have been up against it on health care where some people wanted to see taxes first look there’s a lot of things that could be done and talked about this is going to happen and once it happens nobody’s going to be pointing fingers it’s going to go back to the house and they’re going to vote it up or down in July David I want to get your reaction to this because Jamie Dimon is the CEO of JPMorgan Chase one of the largest banks in the world he sits on the White House Business Advisory Council and he was on a phone conversation on Friday with with other big bank executives hundred schools conference call exactly and he is frustrated and is it safe to say is he a Democrat do you know David I think he is like that but I’m not exactly sure but he supports the president now but I don’t think he did in the beginning but this is what he said on the conference call he says it’s almost embarrassing being an American citizen you have it do we have it yes okay let’s listen this administration to make breakthroughs and taxes and infrastructure regulatory reform and we have become the most dear one of most bureaucratic confusing litigious societies on the planet it’s almost an embarrassment being an American citizen traveling around the world and listening to the stupid you have to deal with in this country and you know one point we all have to get our act together or we will do what we supposed to do for the average Americans it’s not for corporations competitive taxes are important for business and business growth which is important for jobs and wage growth and you know honestly we should be ringing an alarm bell we expect to hear that from the Midwest the center of the country now we’re hearing that from the New Yorkers Wow that I’ll tell you that’s that somebody who’s been listening to President Trump you know I’ll tell you if President Trump is President Trump today because of that exact sentiment because of those fact those facts he won Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin North Carolina and other states because of that exact message that that the American worker was being left behind and it was time that people came to Washington and put aside the quite honestly the BS that this town has for the last 40 years put forward and it is time to stand up for the American worker which is why the president’s leading this week’s you know by a higher American by American week and I’m very happy to see this yeah I just hope it you know this new president with the new approach everyone just they firstly tried to turn the Electoral College delegates over then they tried to have a recount then they had the Russia thing so when it comes to the Russia thing all the Senate gets traction because Donald Trump juniors meeting that no one knew about then we find out there are more people in there than we thought and I saw Lanny Davis wrote something in the USA Today as a message to Ty Cobb the president’s new attorney and John Dowd he said do what we did with Bill Clinton as painful as it is led by the president he told us everything they put it out there they even called reporters with the gory ugly facts and the minute they got it out there it began to turn and then if the lawyers took the lead things began to switch and by the time Bill Clinton was done the budget was balanced and he loved with a 60% approval rating that is that was much more salacious than anything with Russia do you think that Lanny Davis’s up would work for President Trump and would he listen well let me just say I was the chief investigator in the 90s I went up against lanny davis and his team every single day Mike McAra my Korean and his their team incredibly talented people I disagreed with them on a lot of things but they were incredibly talented and they they did President Clinton you know a solid job and so I do agree with Lanny and Lanny Davis is a smart guy he doesn’t have to agree with built with with Donald Trump to to understand the strategy and tactics that go beyond behind this and so I’m happy to see incredibly happy to see the president bring John Dowd and now Ty Cobb onto his team so that they can get a handle on what is going on behind the scenes so that they can just get it all out this drip drip drip the thing is just not working and we need to have a group of people a core group that come up and understand what everything is and put it all out there for better or worse so that it’s over in the dog days of summer and then the American people understand the politics behind us that it is the permanent obstruction campaign by the Democrats that’s all they have to grab onto they have no policy initiative sylvania they punch beat them to the punch put it out there stop making these reporters famous and these anchors Hollywood Riley with stars and just let them put it all out there and then go do the job because there’s nothing there so even with this Donald Trump jr. meeting it’s still enough it’s still nothing to it it is in a set in the sense that in June when this meeting happened no one was talking about Russia I wish he hadn’t had the meeting but no one thought at that moment in time and the Secret Service was not he did not have protection of the secret services so nobody was vetting these meetings and so I look at it as an innocent mistake and a naive mistake by by by folks who just didn’t understand the politics of what 18 months later would look like to be quite honest and more importantly nothing came from the meetings the meeting happened it ended nothing happened from that meeting that we can see at this point so I think it’s important to John Tyco up get their arms around this with with Kassovitz and his team and put it all out there ended all right good enough saying bossy we thank you very much for joining us from our nation’s capital today right thank you David bossy and I have one thing in common this weekend we spent the weekends with our kids on the field getting a field tan he was watching his daughter play softball of mine soccer and we’re both roasting in a hunter green in the fields and you have like the right t-shirt and yeah I’m going to take my shirt off the last out and sweet peas good morning well I have to react on golf hand not this weekend this why do I feel ein joy Daniel let’s get started right now straight to a Fox News Alert the desperate search intensifying this morning for a missing man after a deadly flash flood swept away a family in Arizona nine bodies including six children recovered at this hour the youngest just two years old authorities say 14 people were at a swimming hole when 16 high waters from heavy rainfall rushed down out of nowhere four people were rescued and are expected to be ok an investigation now underway after someone broke into a Republican senators office and reportedly left a threatening note Nevada senator Dean Heller has recently been in the national spotlight considered a possible swing vote on health care hello reportedly on the fence about the gops replacement plan Las Vegas police are not giving details on what the threat said an American journalist escapes a deadly attack in the Congo by hiding in a tree a local militia killing five Park Rangers in the okapi wildlife reserve yesterday the journalist is now safe and doing ok two British journalists and five other Park Rangers part of the same team were able to escape during the attack and what’s better than a guy proposing to his girlfriend at a Garth Brooks concert how about the country superstar offering to pay for the honeymoon wife Trisha Yearwood also at the concert in Oklahoma said she’d absolutely pay for it but added no one else can get engaged a free trip from Garth Brooks time is he saying Hawaii why I’ll pay for it yes why I would go to Hawaii if you’re gonna pay for it why not he’s really adapted this new country’s guys on channel now he’s got the nice Jam and his wife’s very talented when we were interviewing them he said he asked how many kids I had after that I have a little girl she’s a viewing picture and so he looking through my pictures and talking about her I’m like this is part I know love that was a no-no right right were you like back off no honey anyway congratulations to the happy couple meanwhile still ahead on this Monday it was the Republicans fault now Jane Sanders Bernie’s wife is pointing the finger at somebody else for the FBI investigated her wait until you hear at that’s that coming up and this mural honors the five Dallas police officers that were murdered in an ambush so why is there an effort to get it removed Rob Schmidt is here with an update on the stories even following all weekend long he’s on that next corner a bit more this morning [Music] Vitalis threatening to take down a mural of mural honoring five of his police officers slain in an ambush Rob Schmidt joins us with an update on one woman’s battle to honor those men good morning good morning guys yeah it’s an interesting story a dallas bar owner who put up a fence in her yard with a mural honoring five police officers murdered during a black lives matter protest just about one year ago says the city is trying to get her to take it down here is the fence and the mural so you can see this is the one in question and beautiful tribute to those five officers gunned down last July by a police hating activist who told police that he wanted to kill white cops 25-year old Michael Johnson killed the officers last July as they work to black lives matter rally protecting people who were protesting against them it was the deadliest day for police officers in the u.s. since 9/11 a terrible day officers eventually killed Johnson using a robot and a bomb you remember as he barricaded himself inside that parking garage well Diana paws says she had three Dallas police officers working at her bar that night she remembers the trio running out the door to respond to that shooting and she has spent nearly 20 thousand dollars of her own money on this fence and mural as a way to say thank you we’re just trying to honor in respect to the apalis Police Department about the what happened Jericho well Dallas the city of Dallas and it’s City Hall released a statement so we did not ask that any mural be taken down this has nothing to do with any mural it has to do with the fact that a fence was built without a permit so it’s a code violation is what they’re saying however vanna paz says that nobody at City Hall even cared to discuss this issue didn’t care about the mural or the fence they just wanted it down didn’t want to talk about it until the media got involved this was on Fox and Friends over the weekend she says she’s already made modifications trying to appease City Hall and there is a big meeting today for Diana with city leaders we’re going to keep you posted as to what happens there I’m very interested to see how they handle it now that they’re getting all this attention it’s a code violation what it could do is if they’re going to say absolutely you have to move the fence they could put the fence somewhere else you could put it somewhere else I think they wanted to slap I get $2,500 fine honor for this eventually they’re trying to you know the city in these situations you already wins they just pest you until you do its attack its resident acts on a fan that’s alright hopefully they can come to an agreement that’s tested that’s today so we’ll find out this week oh thanks alright thanks right meanwhile 19-minute set to the hour still had things are so bad for Democrats right now even their own party thinks they can’t win the dire warnings from James Carville just ahead plus Brian and I are the second of three children middle kids and a new study says we are most likely to be the troublemakers oh boy our crew shocker speed right we’re going to talk about an expert coming up next i quick headlines now for his in trumps travel ban once again under attack and heading back to the Supreme Court Hawaii has until tomorrow to respond to the motion filed by the white house the DOJ slamming a court for overstepping by expanding the list of family members of US citizens allowed in the u.s. to include grandparents and Bernie Sanders wife now blaming the FBI for opener alleged bra bank fraud on sexism James Sanders Frank foul on the man who originally filed the complaint sparking the investigation telling The Boston Globe quote I’ll read from here I find it incredibly sexist that basically he’s going after my husband by destroying my reputation and that’s not okay now back to my voice Sanders is accused of illegally obtaining a loan as president of a now former college she once oversaw now to the second new proof that birth order really does matter remember this classic family moment from the movie don’t tell Mom the babysitter’s says boy the lawn today and don’t forget to do the dishes okay this is our done man this new study backs up that famous scene showing that the second born in the birth order are more likely to get in trouble the second born are right that’s us our next guest is the author of birth of the birth order book dr. Kevin lame has got a brand new book out welcome back Kevin hey good morning Brian hi everybody nice boys you buy into this whole second second kids and Brian is delinquent we’re problem well first of all let’s be clear Brian is the language okay okay back of the segment okay first foreign children rule okay and we set first Born’s up to achieve and about everything they’re read to more they’re focused on the family photo album is huge the and then the thing comes home the second that second child and you know it’s that second child is never going to catch up to that firstborn so firstborn children are scholarly they’re achieving they do the right things second children read that and say wait a minute that role is filled I’m going to take another exit out of here and they’re huge on friendships especially out of their family away from their family okay so this is news for Ainsley we’ve got a photograph we’ve gone into the Ainsley Earhardt family archives I read because I’m a little old there you are like a little problematic a little overexposed or underexposed that’s my baby brother in the middle he’s five and a half years younger and then my sister on the left and the stripes who did do everything right look how sad she looks Kevin I like the third you know what here’s the good news about second children they they negotiate they compromise they tend to be Mavericks they tend to do things a little different out of the box but for parents listening or watching who have that kid that just doesn’t ever quite get up to that firstborn level there are so smart quite frankly to pull that kit aside and say honey can I ask your opinion about something sure what right is it me or is your sister brother just a little over-the-top Oh now if you want to get in that second kid’s head I’m telling you that’s how you get there and finally that second child says somebody understands what I’m up against that makes perfect sense so this MIT economists released a study showing the birth order affects children’s delinquent behavior they defined delinquency Kevin as disciplinary actions and truancy at school juvenile delinquency and adult crime and imprisonment now brain is the second board that does not apply to him I don’t think I’m eventually going to do time let’s be honest there I am in the middle and I try to make ins with trying to make it all work Brian does things out of the box and that’s what makes them so lovable okay right and that’s what’s neat about birth order and most people don’t understand that in most families there’s more than that one firstborn personality we’re not much eye contact in pictures we look everywhere violet why my parents put sticker bushes in our front yard was unbelievable people to keep the neighbors out what you play football you try to go around the outside forever you know what they’re good because they just continue to grow you can groom them easily they always roll pretty they attract bumblebee so they could kill you there you go all right dr. Lehman thank you so much the book is birth order book if you want to read it this topic just fascinates everybody where are you in a lineup Steve I’m the firstborn typically what you would he keeps us in line thank you so much dr. Lehman good to see you thank you welcome good to be with you guys Thanks how the birth order segment turned into something about bushes I listen we’re delinquent you never know where we’re going to no discipline nobody said shit excuse right the only thing I got in trouble for was talking and now I get paid to do it yeah all right meanwhile straight ahead this family knows all about birth order congressman Sean Duffy and wife Rachel and their children are here cooking up a special breakfast surprise in the greenroom and they’re going to move out the studio after session and look hungry and remember this campaign pledge from the president we will have two simple rules when it comes to rebuilding this country by American and higher Hummer oh he is following through on made-in-america that promise former education secretary bill bennett why this is so important the country next [Music] all right it’s 28 minutes before the top they are on this very busy Monday let’s bring in former Secretary of Education under President Reagan and Fox News contributor a fella you know as Bill Bennett bill good morning to you how are you on this Monday oh yeah I am a second child and I had like to say I love Kevin Leman but Uncle Bob was the scoundrel not me so you were the person that stayed in line right obviously you were to book on morale and virtues yeah well yeah yeah yeah but I mean it you know what Kevin blamin is saying is very interesting it’s a great line from Walker Percy he says the younger brother sees the older brother as all business so he becomes all monkey business I think there’s a lot of that but what he’s saying I think is largely true you got to see you have a what’s the lineup you’re in the middle you said you have an older brother no no there’s just like goodness as the new yorker said thank goodness early to have Bennett brothers day all right bill let’s talk a little bit about today is back on message Monday the White House is starting made in America week this is the first of three one week long campaigns we’ve seen some of the theme weeks in the past it kind of petered out for the most part because it probably should have been on health care the whole time what do you make of this well this is a good issue for the president obviously this is how the public identifies him as a business guy this was a large part of the campaign and some of the facts paramount we got an economy that’s moving confidence in this economy is extraordinary you saw the survey in Forbes and the market is obviously an indicator so I think this is a good thing to build on however as we say here every morning some important legislation consequential legislation could be passed to tax reform health care and the like but even without that the president’s efforts at regulation or deregulation that rule that for every new rule you put in you gotta take out – yes I think made a positive difference but Stuart Varney could come in more expert tonight right so we’ll see where that goes we talked to the CEO of all tech and here’s what he said he’s been work with the president of manufacturing it will be at the White House today it’s incredible I’ve had the opportunity to work on the president’s manufacturing council currently working with the President on a number of policy issues principally workforce policy deregulation and infrastructure so this is a continuation of the focus by the president his cabinet and the entire administration on making sure that we do everything we can to celebrate recognize and grow jobs in America he sounds like Donald Trump’s message yeah look and again this is happening without major legislation get major tax form reformed legislation and you will see a four-barrel carburetor attached to thruster booster rocket to this and that would be great and we need to do it pretty soon I was one of the editorial reporters for the Chicago Tribune wrote an editorial attacking patriotism the star-spangled banner really sticking up for Colin Kaepernick saying that he should be out there playing as he’s one of the best players and saying that teams aren’t putting him on the field because they don’t want to deal with his politics her name is Diana I think it’s good guess that I had a firm of the same laughing goe T SCH but she’s for the Chicago Tribune this is what she says the star-spangled banner is a pompous battle number spurred by a petition bearing five million veteran signatures Congress designated at the national anthem the 1931 but it wasn’t until 1942 and our entry into World War two but it was played on loudspeakers daily before games what is your reaction to her thoughts I take it she sits when she hears it one answer if you’re in some am is rated country somewhere in the world where the boot of a dictator is on your neck and soldiers are coming your way and you get your choice of what national anthem to hear it would be ours that’s the only thing we’re saying we have liberated more people than all the other nations of the world we should be proud of that star-spangled banner and it was part of my heart sports Kapernick was bench said Brian will tell you because he wasn’t playing well he really lost it but you know she says in this piece that they take not standing for the star-spangled banner more Syria Slayton been wife-beating or roughing up women not true a camper neck wasn’t cut he just was playing badly Ray Rice was suspended huh and other people have had that but Bill Richie incognito was punished as well for some NC mates so if I’m in there I’m sorry clarify it and I don’t think the NFL should back off on this they did they said the single issue that hurt their attendance and viewership more than anything else is when he took a knee and it started spreading throughout the league there’s some very patriotic people that watch sporting events and they might not be rooting for the team but they are rooting for the country and that was the single mode cording to the owner of the Giants or part owner Giants the single most hurtful thing to happen to that league is when he took a knee yeah and there are symbols that hold us together the fact that she can feel comfortable doing this I think indicates something else a different editorial Alan gelles editorial of Wall Street Journal you might think about having him on he said he’s great a story of Lincoln in the Civil War he said this is the second-worst divisive time in American history Civil War was the worst we are more divided now than we had been at any other time I think this may be true do you think a way to bring people together is to see if Democrats will work on tax reform sure give it a try but they are way out there and you know the salt amidst all these polls so that the mainstream media is putting out about badly Trump’s doing not true in a lot of ways the base is still there among other things and is what they say about the Democrats a large majority of Americans say the Democrats have no plan at all their only plan is to resist Trump and that’s nothing you’d vote for sure all right bill bennett who is known as the trouble maker bennett boy missing back thank you very much Peter in his live today bill thank you very much girl all right all right Julian has some headlines for us good morning that’s right good morning to you guys see you at home as well let’s get you caught up right now before you head out the door right now us doctor is examining little Charlie Garr the terminally ill British infant at the center of an emotional worldwide debate the doctor from New York claims there’s a chance that his experimental treatment could reverse the 11 month olds brain damage caused by a rare genetic disorder the UK’s highest court will decide next week whether Charlie can have the treatment or if you will be taken off life support even the Democrats think their own party can’t win former campaign manager for President Clinton James Carville’s expressing doubt that his party will win back the Senate in 2018 saying it’s because the party is without a leader if a party is out of power and we don’t have a presidential candidate there’s no one’s going to be in charge in 2000 2040 Carville says there’s a 50% chance that they take back the house but the chances for taking the Senate are substantially lower you have to look at this video SUV crashes on top of a roof in st. Louis the car speeding when it lost control and caught air often embankment firefighters rescuing the driver who was trapped under the dashboard inside the SUV he is now in critical condition the homeowner was at the gym when this happened and just finished paying off the now wrecked health Wow that is traumatic videos and army vet working at Home Depot tried using his military training to stop a trio of shoplifters the intervention costing Jim Kenney his job one that he says he needs seventy years old I’m leaving work and needed that job the former employee throwing a paint roller extension at the suspects feet as they tried getting away with thousands of dollars worth of pools Home Depot though defending its decision saying it’s a store policy not to confront shoplifters so that’s gonna get some veterans that story on I know it’s sad but the rules are the rules they say but it’s one of those things I guess when you’re in the moment you don’t know how you’re going to react or what you’re going to do right when you’re faced with that is a liability issue they just don’t want if something happens they don’t want to be responsible yeah all right keep us posted on that if there’s a change meanwhile straight ahead still ahead you know how President Trump feels about the border wall we will build the wall we’ve already started planning it will be built well now Homeland Security is getting to work the head of the National Border Patrol Council is live with us to talk about it [Music]

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