Donald Trump jr. we will ask him every single question I can think of on this topic Don Jr good to see you welcome to here appreciate it I didn’t know there was any time left I’ve been told that before but they hardly rated opening monologue I liked it and I figured while I have a captive audience I wanted to get my points out to that let’s start with the emails let’s start with the first email first of all let’s talk about who is Rob Goldstone Rob Goldstone is a talent manager for a man our goal of who’s a Azerbaijani Russian singer performed at Miss Universe and later performed at a the WGC championship golf course the tournament that we held at Doral all right so indeed no I met him through that through the golf course I wasn’t even at the Miss Universe pageant but I met him through out there so I had a casual relationship with him okay so he sends you this email we’ll put it back up on the screen and give you a chance to look at this is the one that says the Crown prosecutor of Russia met with his father meaning Emmons father and in their meeting offered to provide the Trump campaign with documents information that could incriminate Hillary Clinton etc obviously highly sensitive information but it’s part of Russia and its government supportive mr. Trump and then they asked the best way to handle this this email comes in what are you thinking honestly my take away when all of this was going on is that someone has information on our opponent you know things are going a million miles an hour you know what it’s like to be on a campaign we just won Indiana but we’re talking about a contested convention things are going a million miles an hour again and hey wait a minute I’ve heard about all these things but maybe this is something I should hear him out okay when you read the parts about the Russian government or Russia supporting your father did that will put off any sirens in your head honestly I don’t know I mean I think this was again just basic information that was gonna be possibly there I didn’t know these guys well enough to understand that if this talent manager from this universe you’ll have this kind of thing so I wanted to hear them out and play it out and see what happens but you know people are trying to reach out to you all the time with this all right so you spent a lot of time talking about and you actually said at one point that hey if it turns out to say what you say it is of course what did you think it might be listen I would I’ve been reading about scandals that people were probably under reporting for a long time so maybe it was something that had to do with one of those things I mean this is her it perhaps involvement with the Russian government so you know again I didn’t know there was any credibility to know there’s anything behind it I can’t vouch for the information you know someone sent me an email I can’t help what someone sends me you know I read it I responded accordingly and if there was something interesting there I think it’s pretty common what about the timeline of this this is pre for example WikiLeaks and the this is pre like Russia fever this is pre Russia mania you know this is thirteen months ago before I think the rest of the world was talking about that trying to build up this narrative about Russia so I don’t even think my sirens you know went up or the antennas went up and it’s time because of it because it wasn’t the issue that it’s been made out to be over the last you know nine months ten months since it really became a thing so I think there is an element of context to that at the time it wasn’t this big news story all right what did you know about Eman Emmons father what did you know about them from Moscow was it just the pageant you met them at their successful real estate developers over there so that you know that’s the extent of you know my knowledge with them I bet em and once or twice and you know maintain a casual relationship there talked about some potential deals and meant to that the extent of it they really didn’t go anywhere what do you know about this Russian lawyer what did you at the time if anything no I actually didn’t know anything about it again an acquaintance mm-hmm you know send me this email as a courtesy to him I said okay let’s meet but I didn’t know who I was meeting beforehand never heard of the person never got the information until they were in the room at any point where you told either a phone conversation or otherwise what they might tell you what they what Goldstone seemed to be implying you were as I recall it was all basically this email coordination let’s try to set up a meeting and see what happens and that it was gonna be interesting information and you know in the end it wasn’t about that at all let’s go into the meeting alright so you meet a trump tower yes okay the meeting was described earlier today on The Today Show mhm did she describe it accurately I think fairly accurately I mean I was a little taken aback by her saying you know talking about me pressing for the information but as you can see from the emails the pretext of the meeting was hey we have information and there was a need of some small size I don’t even remember what it was it just was sort of nonsensical Indian and garbled and then quickly went on to you know a story about Russian adoption and how weak possibly help and really that’s what we shut it down which is wait a second what does this have to do with the Jay McGinty yeah well I’ve never even heard of it before you know that day you know I think it became pretty apparent to you know Jared and Paul who I think Jared left after a few minutes Paul got is he’s on that yeah yeah we were all there I was basically sitting there listening as a courtesy to my acquaintances who had set up the meeting and you know in his own words you can hear what he said and you played it earlier about it I mean he apologized to me walking out of the meeting basically for wasting my time well and he did say at the end of your statement today you did point out as Goldstone said today the entire meeting was the most inane nonsense I’ve ever heard and I’m actually you know agitated by it yeah listen he called ecole and apologized to you that day there wasn’t really follow-up because there’s nothing there to follow up you know but as we were walking out he said listen I’m sorry for that but I think what happened he’s sort of goosed up he built up there was some puffery to the email perhaps to get the meeting to make it happen and you know in the end there was probably some bait-and-switch about what it was really supposed to be a bet and so you know there is nothing there so she is saying that she had no information to provide do you remember what she’s suggesting that you were pressing her a little bit for information well I I imagine I did I mean I was probably pressing because the pretext of the meeting was hey I have information about your opponent it was this you know hey some DNC donors may have done something in Russia and they didn’t pay taxes at I what does this have to do with anything especially in light of everything that was out there I was like this isn’t you ever having contact with this woman again no did you ever have any contact with Goldstone again casual hey how’s it going Emmons gonna be in town performing something like that but you haven’t again except that I don’t know if so now the determine since since this transpired okay so this is a hypothetical like in any point in your mind did Don jr. have a siren say it okay they’re talking again I go back to the first email about Russia Russian government I’m meeting with this person you’re going to talk on the phone did you ever think maybe this might not be but I I think it like I said in retrospect probably would have done things a little differently again this is before the Russia mania this is before they were building it up in the press for me this was opposition research they had something you know maybe concrete evidence to all the stories I’d been hearing about but they were probably underreported for you know years not just during the campaign so I think I wanted to hear it out but really it went nowhere and it was apparent that that wasn’t what the meeting was actually about okay let me let me ask a hypothetical I know hypotheticals maybe you’ve thought about it since and since this has now become Russia collusion Russia collusion and etc did you ever meet with any other person from Russia that you know you know I don’t even know I’ve probably met with other people from Russia I’m certainly not in the context of actual a formalized meeting or anything like that because why would I you know in the grand scheme of things how busy we were it was much more important to doing this this was a courtesy to an acquaintance let me play a montage and and these are Democrats attacking you today and give you a chance to respond to what they’re saying and what the left is saying I mean they have taken it to the ultimate extreme and then I’ll ask you about some perspective about some of my comments at the beginning of the show here’s what they’re saying we now know that through intermediaries the Russian government sought to approach the Trump campaign to see whether they would be interested in damaging information about Hillary Clinton we now know that the response that the president’s son gave to the Russians was that he would love it if they would provide damaging information about Hillary Clinton rather than report this overture by the Russian government to provide damaging information to intervene in the presidential election in a way to help his father neither the president’s son nor the campaign reported this information to the FBI we get this email exchange today showing clear collaboration between the Russian and Russian government agents and the Trump campaign at the highest levels where the email is very clear that the Russian government is weighing in to help elect Donald Trump we need Donald Trump jr. and other campaign associates to turn over any and all documents and electronic communications that investigators asked for and we need public testimony under oath of Donald Trump jr. who has changed this story repeatedly we’re now beyond obstruction of justice in terms of what’s being investigated this is moving into perjury false statements and even and potentially treason Schumer’s that did you hand over any and all documents well I will I’ve said it publicly I said it yesterday more than happy to cooperate with everyone I just want the truth to get out there and that’s part of why I release all this stuff today I wanted to get it all this is they’re trying to drag out the story so in all fairness either they have it they want to drip a little bit today drip a little bit then I was like here it is I’m more than happy to be transparent about it and I’m more than happy to cooperate with everyone so as far as you know as far as this incidents concerned this is all of it this is everything this is everything was anybody else at any point in the campaign said oh I’ve got information about Hillary that you remember let me go back to what Tim Kaine said well if it is what you said you’re it especially you know we would want to release later in the summer I think that’s unusual for campaign to want op research and I’ll get to the Ukrainian issue which I think has been underreported especially in light of this coverage but like I said I think we had more important things to worry about I wasn’t sure of the credibility of any of this stuff at the time I’m sitting there Indiana had just probably happened you know I’m worried about hearing a contested convention contested convention so you know we’re gonna fight this the first time we’ve ever done any of this this is you know I’m still way in the learning curve on all of this so it wasn’t that urgent to me if I’m saying hey it can wait till the end of summer but yeah obviously I want to hear the information I mean that’s what we do in business if there’s information out there you want it and then you make what you do with it if there was something that came from it that was shady if it was a danger to national security I would obviously bring it right to someone but I didn’t know what anything lunch it turns out it was nothing and therefore there’s nothing to be able to actually talk the whole contact took how long how long was the meeting about 20 minutes or so about 20 minutes and Jared left after five or ten yes like she said and Paul Manafort was on his on his huh the whole time pretty much pretty much listen like I said it was nothing it pretty apparent that this was not what we were in there talking about a lot of people gonna want to know this about your father mmm did you tell your father anything about that uh it was such a nothing there was nothing to tell yeah I wouldn’t even remembered it until we start scouring through the stuff it was it was literally just a wasted 20 minutes which was a shame mm-hmm all right so we got to take a break we’ll come back we’ll help welcome back to Hannity so shortly after the New York Times broke the report about Donald Trump juniors meeting with a Russian lawyer last year well the Russia obsessed media in the country went on the attack let’s take a look even if you accept his Sunday version accept his Sunday version ask no questions have no suspicions he’s in a world of hurt the president’s son according to this new reporting was informed hey the Russian government has dirt on Hillary Clinton and apparently the response to that was he was admitting that he had met with this Russian lawyer for the purpose of receiving information against Hillary Clinton I thought my god this kid was dropped on his head as a child could he possibly be admitting this we’re now stupid of John Jr I mean I guess it runs in the family to go on Twitter when he is clearly in legal jeopardy this can’t be dismissed as people out to get Donald J Trump jr. or fake news this is evidence of willingness to commit collusion and we continue with Donald Trump jr. what’s your reaction to that they’re saying you’re colluding it’s a twenty-minute your reaction listen I think politics is a dirty game we’ve seen the size that they take we’ve seen the commentary they’ve had on my father you know I think it’s a little bit ridiculous and overplayed and I think people are getting that it I think the media has really done themselves a disservice by picking sides so flagrantly they’ve really driven people to actually have to think about it because it’s just a tough game what about it anyone on your team I guess you have a staff of people to work for you did anyone research the lawyer or anybody involved in this yeah well we didn’t hear who it was before the meeting you didn’t know who the woman was no we didn’t know who she was before the meeting you know apparently she was a prosecutor in Moscow who hasn’t done that since 2002 so 14 years ago at the time of the meeting she was a prosecutor and it was such a nothing I literally wouldn’t have remembered the meeting especially when you think about a leroya the meeting what’s that were you annoyed based on I was a waste of time but again you know what sometimes you do things differently for acquaintance system for friends let me ask a hypothetical and I I hate hypothetical questions but I think it’s relevant in this case if the meeting resulted in information that you felt in any way was illegal or compromising or collusion to use the media’s term I said it earlier a hundred percent I would bring it to the proper authority so there’s nothing that I would do to ever endanger this country I think the reason we fought so hard during this campaign whether it was my father and the work that he put into it whether it was the rest of our family and the efforts that we put into it and you know those efforts well it’s because we do anything for this country so we’re never gonna put that in jeopardy absolutely this as far as you know or all the emails that exist on case and you don’t you don’t think there’s any other one which I think there’s anything else we’ve scoured it thoroughly just to be sure but there isn’t anything else there alright and there was no follow-up I think this is important no follow up with any of them never heard nothing there was no reason to follow up it was a waste of time alright did you learn about the adoption issue when you were there did that well again I think I’m a little bit of time as a courtesy so I probably heard of whatever I heard in the room but you know that it’s a big issue for a lot of people I guess but if this wasn’t a campaign talking point this wasn’t something we were to you know this was not something I was going to worry about at that stage I mean we had a lot of bigger fish to fry and that’s what I was focused on when we come back I want to address the media coverage the issue of the Ukrainians story that I brought up and whether you think there’s a double standard and the treatment of your family by the media we’ve got all the tape it ever want and much more will continue with Don jr. back to Hannity is we could tell you our final moments with Donald Trump jr. all right at the beginning look I have it this is an opinion show but I wanted to give you I wanted to ask every question I could think of regarding this issue I can’t think of any more in all honesty but I did bring up this issue of the Ukrainians working with the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign I also talked about a lot of other issues that the v15 group that Obama’s operatives and the taxpayer dollars went to the BBB if if going after foreign countries elections is so bad very little media coverage real crimes have been committed in this country I would argue Hillary Clinton destroying emails mishandling destroying them I would argue Hillary Clinton the uranium one deal and a hundred million plus dollars kickback to her call me we know it’s classified information and we know a violation of the Records Act Loretta Lynch is meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac 125 leaks from the deep state in 126 days the media that’s watching this now never told the American people about the Ukrainian story except for political to their credit and a few others not many what is your reaction to the double standard listen I think you know the double standard is upsetting I mean you see it every day I mean we tune in obviously we were probably junkies before and now it’s a lot harder to not take it personally and you try to do it and you know I’d love to rant and rave about but candidly right now with everything that’s going on I think that people see it I think they’re you know they’re starting to get it and I think the mainstream media has probably done themselves you know a pretty big disservice by going so far by going so extreme by being so sensational and I think it’s pushing regular people away because they want to see what my father campaigned on they want to see jobs they want to see the numbers that he’s putting up you know the stock market keeps breaking hits we have the all-time highest employment in the country in terms of overall numbers all these things you know that he promised he would do they’re happening they’re actually happening and that’s not getting any coverage and that’s a real shame that’s a real disservice to the people of this country well I agree with you and I agree i think the Forgotten men and women is something that I talked about last night obviously Robert Muller announced earlier tonight he’s going to be looking into it you said in a tweet you would fully cooperate with any investigation of course completely turn over everything that they want and you feel you already have yes sir yeah and you have nothing to hide you want to be that means you’ll testify under oath with all of that all of it yeah any other issue you know your sister was attacked I could play montages of that man Joe Scarborough called your father a schmuck a goon a thug that’s that’s NBC’s coverage you’ve got the severed head issue you’ve got you’ve been attacked it seems like one by one they try to pick off anyone around the president why do you think there’s this reaction that is so almost like there’s so many groups so opposing your father why do you think this I’ve never seen it in all the years I’ve covered politics I think we’re just so far away from the political elite you know whether you were on one side or the other you were still part of that group there was never necessarily consequences for inaction and for doing things that you know their way so I think when you’re come from so far out I mean look at the attacks on evanka I mean I was pretty vocal about that stuff this weekend I mean if she was anyone else’s daughter she’d be a feminist icon what most of you just this incredible brilliant well-spoken woman and they try to belittle her at every chance it it’s really sad and you know again for me as a family member as her brother as her older brother you know you do take it personally and it does make you want to fight back and that’s you know perhaps well we are as we are fighters and they don’t take well to that either because most people don’t like being called on their stuff my last question one of the things you said tonight maybe not so Trumpy and I guess in the sense although I just think your father and you are a lot of like you said in retrospect yeah explain that a little bit more detail listen again I think I probably know more now I think in the grand scheme of the hysteria that’s been talked about you know over the last eight nine ten months with Russia things were probably different than they were thirteen months ago and yeah there were a couple people talking about it and they just sort of you know launched this notion you know it’s just a little bit different I mean in retrospect I know more now but hindsight’s always 20/20 all right Don Julian thanks for coming in thank you she answered every question I can think of when we come back

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