breaking Trump calls for new Loretta Lynch investigation time to lawyer up at a joint press conference today in France president Trump made it clear he is aware of the bombshell report that shows none other than former DOJ head Loretta Lynch helped the Russian lawyer who met Don jr. get into the United States under extraordinary circumstances just like the rest of us he wants to know exactly why she did this we now know vessel and vessel miss kiya was vehemently anti-trump these circumstances make the mold look extremely suspicious and many believe it was part of a larger sting operation from Fox News President Trump lashed out at the media and the Obama administration Thursday over the criticism his team is facing for his eldest son’s 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer thought to have damaging information on Hillary Clinton at a joint press conference with the French president in Paris Trump said the media are making a very big deal over something that really a lot of people would do he then turned his focus to Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch saying he had heard Lynch was the one to approve Russian lawyer Natalya vessel Mnet’s Khayyam visa this is an apparent reference to reports that Lynch signed off on a granting the attorney a special parole to be in the country though it remains unclear whether she had permission to be in the u.s. at the time of the June 2016 meeting somebody says that her visa or her passport to come into the country was approved by Attorney General Lynn now maybe that’s wrong I just heard that a little while ago that she was here because of Lynch Trump also as he has in recent days defended Donald Trump jr. against criticism my son is a wonderful young man he took a meeting with a Russian lawyer not a government lawyer but a Russian lawyer Trump said in the press conference with President and Manuel McCrone from a practical standpoint most people would have taken that meeting it’s called opposition research and/or research into your opponent absolutely let us know I hope you know they get to the bottom of this because you know what this is like a democratic plot it is a setup that’s all I have to say about that it reeks let us know what you think in the comments below and thank you so much for watching

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