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morning here as the president knighted States wraps up his big meeting with this 27 hours in Paris as trip to Paris it was really this as we look at McCrone make some final remarks after seeing the procession we’ll continue to cover this as the president gets set to board Air Force want to come back to New Jersey for the weekend but it’s been a really positive trip for our president and for macron both are in their rookie years and both realize the significance of the positions that they have meanwhile the debate here at home believe it or not according to some is over climate change and it heats up as president Trump leads the door open kinda to the Paris Accord and former Vice President Al Gore comparing the climate change to some of humanity’s greatest struggles really like slavery here to react as the author of warriors implement for Missourian break commander Lieutenant Colonel Michael waltz Michael does it drive you crazy when you know what it’s like to fight terror you see what happened in nice one year ago today and people think climate change is something as we addressed like terrorism probably you know I mean these analogies to slavery women suffrage movement mean you know and all of the other things that the Vice President was talking about I think we’re a little ridiculous a little emotional if we can look at this in practical terms of national security and jobs there’s no doubt that areas that are going through drought and famine and that are drying up are places that terrorists take advantage of like Boko Haram in Nigeria al-shabaab in Somalia you know they take advantage of these places and these people to spread their Islamic extremist ideology and that’s what we need to be focused on I mean the world is warming up that we could have a debate about why but let’s focus on the national security implications and let’s focus on how the renewables energy market can create jobs in the United States and around the way this reasonable there’s just a reasonable way to have this conversation exactly because the president didn’t want the Paris Accord Ethos a bad deal for America doesn’t mean that environmental clauses don’t matter but there’s got to be a punch list and move on top of the punch list has to be radical Islamic terror and the average American gets that I would hope Hughes with the vice for former vice president said and by the way almost everything in his documentary has not come true as he thought the world would be basically over by now he said this yesterday and will roll it forward the climate movement is right now in the tradition of all the great moral causes that have improved the circumstance of humanity through our history the abolition of slavery and the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa the movement to stop the toxic phase of nuclear arms race they all have met with ferocious resistance what a week you don’t look let’s again let’s just look at some practical as you set a punch list and some practical solutions here I look at you know things scare me and for both me my family and my country like constant cyber attacks on our electrical grid and on nuclear power plants I can tell you I’m personally looking at solar panels in my home just to pull it off the grid you know there is there the Chinese are leading the world and our table its energy there are jobs to be had here and I want to see the United States energy independence so we’re not dependent on Middle East oil let’s have that hostage editor oh thanks so much more the president isn’t Kristin more topics just a moment Fox and Friends continues Fox News News Alert President Trump is just list left downtown Paris on his trip to the commemoration of Bastille Day there you can see the president of France Emmanuel macron and his wife meeting some of the folks there the president McCrone is expected to head to Meese later on today where it was just a year ago today that an extremist and truck killed dozens of people in Nice the president very shortly will be arriving at Orly Airport hop on Air Force One and come on home meanwhile back here at home the left remains so obsessed with the Russia story that now at least one top Democrat suggests that we should bomb Russia for meddling in our election watch this we were and are under attack by a hostile foreign power and they seem to be abetting that hostile foreign power we should be debating how many sanctions we should place on Russia or whether we should blow up the KGB or GSU GRU I mean we should be retaliating massively because by the way if I were Tom supporter I would want to retaliate massively because I didn’t it’s tainted his victory so do rank-and-file democrats really believe that a debate right now join us is the former director of strategic communications for hillary clinton adrian Elrod good morning Adrian I’m Wayne and former speechwriter for President George W Bush mark teasing mark good morning to you good morning thieves all right Adrian let’s start with you Paul Begala says and maybe it’s time to blow them up what do you think well look the point of Paul was trying to make is that there should be stronger sanctions in place that is something that Donald Trump in his administration should be focused on I mean look again we are looking at an adversarial government that was actively trying to influence our election process there should be stronger punishment that was the point that he was trying to make but Adrian if you know the president United States last year Barack Obama knew in the middle of the summer that apparently the Russians were trying to mess around with our elections and yet he didn’t do anything until after the election yeah look you know I think he should have done more I agree with Adams Jeff his the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee the ranking Democrat that I think the President President Obama should have done more and should have been a little bit more out there in this but again we are looking forward we have got to absolutely get to the bottom of this that’s why we have Bob Miller and rational investigative committees looking into this matter but again going back to what Paul Begala was saying he was simply trying to make the point that we’ve got to have stronger punishments on a country that was actively trying to influence our election process toward one particular candidate okay mark what do you think well first of all I mean I’m the first to tell you that the Donald Trump jr. emails were very troubling but Donald Trump’s best defense against the charges of Russia collusion are his policies he can honestly look the American people in the eye and say no one has been tougher on Russia that we never haven’t had a president this tough on Russia since Ronald Reagan look at what he’s done he should here bombed at Putin’s ally Assad in Syria a few weeks ago they shot down a Syrian warplane he’s accused the Russians of violating the INF nuclear treaty he’s accused the Russians of arming the Taliban he just passed he just reached a new energy deal with Poland that is starting to make Rudy Pollard less dependent on Russian energy so they can so they’re not influenced by by Russia and pressure he sent a thousand troops to Poland these are not policies that that Vladimir Putin warned so you know the idea that he’s somehow you know if the Russians bought the Trump administration to be ready for Trump to be a Russian puppet it’s kind of backfired on me because the policies are not quite what they want it that’s a great point you know what the other thing is if there has been any Russian collusion it’s not from the trumps it from all we can see it’s the DNC operative who went over to the Ukraine to try to dig up dirt on Donald Trump and then circulated it that’s the collusion right there well I think the Donald Trump jr. emails are very very troubling I think we can’t start over those things I mean did what we know from the Donald Trump jr. emails up until now I’ve been sending out coming on Fox regularly saying there’s no evidence of collusion well Donald Trump received an email Junior received emails saying the Russian government wants to help Donald Trump win a meter view their imagination right but but they didn’t collude ultimately is what done Donald juniors father says yeah I disagree with that he went they wanted to walking with meeting with a Russian government officials so this is very troubling and that look we’ve got a special council that’s looking into this let’s let him do his job but right now Donald Trump’s best defense against all these charges are look at my policies I mean it took it how long did it take enhancer to meet with Vladimir Putin seven months he met with a Chinese leader in the first few weeks so stick with tough policies on Russia all right Adrian I’ll give you the final word yeah look I mean first of all when it comes to DNC that that is a conspiracy theory that is being peddled by the Trump administration to try to deflect from their own problems this is a contractor that we were talking about but look I I agree with mark I mean the fact is Donald Trump jr. was intending to collude you know what this is exactly why we have investigations looking into this that he was intending to collude with a government that had a adversarial relationship University do you know this both of you both know there’s a big difference between intending to collude and colluding as it turns out she just turned out to be a lobbyist who wanted to talk about Russian adoptions you didn’t know that isn’t sexually free angling but it’s not but it is not a conspiracy theory that Bill Clinton took millions of dollars from Russia and Hillary Clinton enacted policies on your–on uranium that benefited the people you know whatever so you know there’s there’s a conversation all right Adrian bang on their head and I’m thinking but we’ll do that another catering Mike thank you very much have a wonderful weekend thank you Mike you bet all right 6:30 here in New York City former President George W Bush and Bill Clinton open up about their families you both have grandchildren what are your grandchildren call you what are your club wait till ya hear the answer that’s coming up next and president Trump heading at this moment toward Air Force One and then later to New Jersey later today after his Paris trip we said Abbey Huntsman to a diner in nearby New Jersey she’s having breakfast with friends [Music] we are back it is about 12:30 right now in Paris France where President Trump has just left downtown Paris and his visit to that capital city to mark the 100th anniversary of US forces joining the French with world war ii this is of course Bastille Day you can see President macron there and our president is on his way to the airport he will then fly into New Jersey and that is where we find Abby Huntsman who’s at the sunset diner in green Brook Township New Jersey oh yeah we make a morning Aynsley feed right by the way Brian I told everyone that breakfast is on you so I hope you’re okay with that they are send me your card later do what you like you ever think your car will give you the number right now I am where’s your car you know what whole world can get his card right I do have spending caps Abby so tell them they’re on a budget okay well we argue at the sunset diner about 20 minutes from Trump’s golf course where the USGA the Women’s Open is happening turn yesterday it’s happening for the next couple of days but I’m here with John and and Bruce and George and we’re getting to know each other this morning and John we’ve been talking about your story you came here at a very young age at four from France of all places you said you did it the right way you say things need to go back to the way they were that’s absolutely correct we came here well actually I didn’t I wasn’t planning on coming here but my wife now came to Quebec City that’s where I was and from one thing to the other fell in love and they came here to America to just see the well and end up staying ended up six years in the Air Force even there was another citizen and I didn’t have to have the government sustain my daily expenses you said you liked the fact that President Trump is trying to get back to those days getting back to coming here the legal way law or in this country that’s the only way that’s yummy where why should you be given a gift of being here without having to pay for it in some ways which

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