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made-in-america week it kicks off officially today focusing on all sorts of things that are built in the United States of America this is a continuation of the focus by the president to celebrate recognize and grow jobs in there the Congressional Budget Office will not be releasing their revise for on the GOP health care bill as planned today Senate Republicans now delaying their fight to repeal and replace Obamacare as Senator John McCain is recovering from eye surgery the Senate Judiciary Committee says it once Donald Trump jr. to testify a fact of the matter is this meeting was absolutely legal the media and all these liberals who are rushing to judgment are ignoring the Constitution’s American doctors now having to Great Britain hoping to give terminally ill infant Charlie guard a chance of life the desperate search intensifying after a deadly flash flood swept away a family in Arizona nine bodies including six children recovered at this hour to a child praising the first double amputee soldier to re-enlist in the US Army sergeant Dana Bowman at a rodeo in Wyoming parachuting in with a huge American flag check that out [Music] [Music] no flattery if that mean is so many people having a breakup does everyone have to break up with everybody you know like 100 people a tll what is it that learning in elections like offices going to do they read it yes it’s a day it’s easy if you wanted to break up you just got three people right how do you break up with everybody if you’re obsessed with the number of people in bands because they just worry about like that have the money’s going to be dividing are we interviewing Rand Paul and you ask and what’s your equipment yeah another music Robin here in it and he got it right this lawyer needs to know we’re a trio any other dating from the kirby catch today right now let’s dial in the White House director of legislative affairs mark short border your mark good morning good morning nice out man it’s good to have you because John McCain had emergency surgery it looks like it’s going to be a while before the Senate actually is able to take up a vote from where the White House’s do you understand that the Republicans have enough votes to pass it at this point well thanks for the question first let me say our thoughts and prayers are with Senator McCain we certainly need him back here not just for health care but because the neck legislation will be leading is the National Defense Authorization Act which he’ll be leading on the Senate floor so we look forward to getting him back but we we need to hold together the Republicans who have campaign and promise since 2010 to repeal and replace Obamacare and we think we’ll be able to do that we know that there’s a couple in Susan Collins – you know she had voted against every repeal effort the last several years so perhaps she’s been more supportive of Obamacare not really interested in repeal but we need to make sure that the other Republicans stay in place and that that we pass repealed and this nightmare for the American people I’ll paraphrase what you said yesterday Barack Obama made have made a major mistake not dealing with the Republican Party getting a single vote to pass health care and we saw what happened and now Republicans are making the same mistake he thinks that the Republicans should have been reaching out to Democrats all along what’s the reality that you know well thanks that’s a good question I think that what we’ve heard from Democrats in many cases they’ve quietly said look we know that the insurance plans are falling apart we know the exchanges are collapsing we know the premiums have gone up we know that what we promised as far as the doctor-patient relationship is not there anymore the government is in the middle we agree with you that this is the Obamacare class team but it’s a signature accomplishment of his administration we can’t be part of the repeal effort I think it makes us ask what are you trying to hold on to is it only the name of repeal is that the only name of Obamacare is that the only thing you’re reluctant to repeal but Democrats have said that they would want to be part of a thick layer but they can’t be part of the repeal effort so the bill was passed on a strictly partisan vote I think it’s a need to be repealed on a partisan vote and and then we can hopefully we can replace this moving forward well so you’re saying repeal it so you’re saying what Rand Paul says the word and the president tweeted if you can’t pass it just a vote on repeal we think that the better plan is to repeal and replace that’s moving forward right now in the Senate we think that that is better policy than they’ll be formed later having said that we also think that for for Senator Paul you know we would love to have this support in this bill we’d asked is Howie for the members of Kentucky to reach out to Senator Paul and and ask how can you side with 48 Democrats and protecting the law that is as it is in protecting Obamacare because we need all Republicans support in order to repeal this law well mark he sophistic sis to allow everyone in the individual market to join a group plan that’s the only way you’re going to get someone bored will that happen well you know I think that there’s a lot of things that Rand Paul advocates that we wish there were votes for but they’re not and so the question voters are going to have to face is do you want to get rid of individual mandate do you want to get rid of many of the tax burdens that Americans are facing do you want to have a plan will actually reduce premiums what was promised before is a plan that Obamacare that is estimated to reduce premiums by $2,500 per plan and instead it’s increased premiums by over $3,000 per plan so the choices we have the American people is repeal and replace right now to begin providing financial security for many families that are struggling under Obamacare that can help to to return the relationship between a doctrine of patience and make it more affordable and provide better care that’s the choice that we have to face right now but and so there’s a lot of proposals that Rand Paul recommends that we like but simply they’re not the vote for right now sure but market the build that the it’s going to be putting forward you know there are a lot of Republicans who say it’s just not a very good bill it still has a lot of those taxes in there it’s got the regulations in there it’s got that Insurance Corporation subsidy thing in there the Republicans ran on repealing it and that bill does not do that well it does let’s go on for a second because it does repeal the individual mandate it does begin to lower the costs over several years for people who are getting crushed by the burden of their you know my larger breathe it doesn’t get rid of the whole ball of wax it takes out little part it takes out big part of it but it leaves a lot of it intact now it does it does more than that it also protects life that is something that we campaigned on and it measures that the taxpayers are no longer paying for taxpayer-funded abortions so there are many pieces in this bill that conservatives and Republicans should be behind and supporting and we think they will get their supporters were able to continue to advocate and explain what is actually in the bill see Mark the CBO is delaying the release of the score on this new health care bill how reliable is the CBO score because some of them are saying they’re not going to vote on it yes or no until they see the score but then we saw what happened with Obamacare they said this thing is going to work and if not we heard over the weekend you were saying it was fake news the CBO reported yeah Andy thank you for the question when CBO was created 1974 was created to help forecast was the budgetary impact on legislation it was not created to try to forecast what would happen to insures the government takeover insurance during the Obama years so it this is outside of its scope and they were they were drafted Lee update forecast today that 25 million Americans would be on the Obamacare exchanges when in fact they’re only ten man well there’s 60 percent off where they were when they begin several years ago with forecasts of it what they’ve said now is that twenty something and people will lose insurance but if you dissect those numbers what you find is their forecasts that not the current numbers of insurers but off an old baseline from several years ago that forecast there would be 18 million now when in fact there’s 10 there’s roughly 8 million Phantom’s people do they say will lose insurance there’s another 4 million people they say will leave Medicaid because there’s no longer a mandate require them to have insurance for me people Medicaid when it’s a free programs the vast majority of people makes no sense why they would leave right and then there’s another seven million they say will choose to leave the insurance exchanges because they’re no longer required to by law that’s not losing insurance that’s choosing to get light of something governments force you have so it’s 18 million right there as far as their numbers with the media will say are losing insurance so we really think the CBO estimates should stick to their budgetary I’m not trying to forecast number of people on insurance and some Republicans should be ruling to say what you just said rather just run for the hills because they think the numbers look bad they just don’t seem to have that courage unless they don’t believe it I got to bring it to this last element and that is the nominees for the longest time to Trump to the Trump administration take it on the chin saying they’ve been slow to nominate people now mark tell everybody what the real deal is you have about 48 nominees confirmed how many are up and what are Democrats doing Brian thank you for the question we’ve had 50 nominees confirmed at this point the Obama administration there was over 200 we’ve had roughly a quarter of the nominees confirmed of those 50 thirty have requires called a cloture vote which requires 30 hours debate to be use of Obama’s 200 Republicans only for three cloture votes so what that means is it just as a way of delaying and delaying and obstructing the agenda of the Trump administration I’ll give you a perfect example last week judge and I was confirmed a hundred to zero in the Senate but Democrats forced a cloture vote requiring us to burn 30 hours of debate on a nominee who is supported unanimously as the stalling and delaying tactic the Democrats have been pursuing to try to stop the Trump taxpayers are paying them right so it’s wasting our money and not just our taxpayers pain um but it’s what the American people elected new administration to come to this town and to change it and disrupt it and what they’re doing is this is a pure obstruction to prevent the will of the American people from putting political entities in the federal Department how many are up for votes right now waiting for confirmation we have sent right now at this point over 130 nominees are sitting before the United States Senate either for committee hearings or for floor votes at this time 180th day in fact will be a deputy secretary for a pentagon here we are seven months into administrations fighting wars on multiple fronts and the Democrats haven’t allowed us to confirm a deputy secretary for the Department of Defense that’s sure you guys got to take your own parliamentary procedures and knock it down to eight hours and push it forward I mean you’re in the majority it’s unbelievable all right mark short the White House director of legislative affairs mark thank you very much busy base as we all have a great day you bet all right so glad you asked that question because that’ll take the folks at home really understand the importance of that they want to blame President Trump and to Senator Schumer says it he goes to lunch and that’s it you said last week that was on American it really is wonder when we’re so when we’re asking our men and women to fight for our country well you’re not even it’s an issue of national security when it come back and again all right it is seven eleven now here in New York City and here’s really 7-eleven 7-eleven good morning lucky caught up on what you need to know before you have a door starting with a Fox News Alert the desperate search intensifying this morning for a missing man after a deadly flash flood swept away a family in Arizona nine bodies including six children recovered at this hour the youngest just two years old as already say 14 people were at a swimming hole when 16 high waters from heavy rainfall rushed down out of nowhere four people were rescued and are expected to be ok officials now investigating after someone broke into a Republican senators office and left a threatening note Nevada senator Dean Heller has recently been in the national spotlight considered a possible swing vote on health care Heller reportedly on the fence about the gops replacement plan while sega’s police are not giving details what was a note said Iran sentencing an American to ten years in prison on accusations of spying the government there says 37 year-old Chinese American Zi Wang gathered information to pass to the US State Department a Princeton graduate student was arrested last summer while doing research for his PhD dissertation the State Department is calling for the immediate release of all citizens held unjustly in Iran and President Trump is congratulating the Navy on its newest ship the president tweeting quote the USS Johnson world essential capabilities to keep America safe our sailors are the best out of anywhere in the world congratulations now the ship named after a San Diego world war two veteran was commissioned Saturday at Pearl Harbor and there were thousands I read about 2,000 people there at that event that is beautiful look at that image the American flag I say when I was at Pearl Harbor almost a year ago today it’s amazing the crowd to get every single day that show up just to take those tours and go through things I’d love to do that by the way good deal and congratulations for you you take the stairs every time never just go use the quad the quad exercise intake okay you walk around right up I know I walk around enough I make them I make life harder for bender you say you know you okay telling you he’s supposed to so catch you it will happen and you’re allowed to laugh when it happens oh all right still ahead on this Monday Democrats are ramping up their calls to impeach President Trump impeachment has happened has an impact on the country the law is certainly clear Virginia congressman David brat is fired up about this one it says Democrats don’t have any proof concerns us live on that yet and a nightmare for hundreds of brides across the country a wedding dress store shut down of nowhere leading bribes at the office this morning the company is finally breaking his silence somebody’s breaking their silence Teachman is something has an impact on the country well all is certainly clear yeah what does that mean does the Democrats in the mainstream media ramping up their calls for impeachment of President Trump believe it or not and our next guest is outrageous Virginia GOP congressman David brat congressman do you think they’re out of bounds here yeah no I mean whatever Nancy Pelosi starts talking about ethics I mean you know you ought to run for the hills something’s cooking right so there’s no statute that’s been violated Alan Dershowitz has come on Mark Warner over the over the weekend on the Sunday show before he saw smoke smoke smoke everywhere he went now he says he sees fire right but they cannot name the fire they cannot name the statute and they rely on this conflating two issues one is the Russians are involved in our elections everybody knows that right but the second is they’ve been saying let’s get rid of and impeach President Trump since day one right after he won they want to get rid of them so now the new piece that I don’t think people have focused on enough is the National mainstream media they’re no longer doing news at all they’re talking heads are doing opinion pieces absolutely 24/7 and I mean I mean 24/7 right I mean they’re saying you’re guilty you’re this big in it none of it is news right so if your kid sticks his hand in the cookie jar you’re guilty but if the kids looking at the cookie jar and if Hillary Clinton brought two billion dollars worth of cookies in the White House and then Obama left this Russian woman in to sell the cookies and she’s been on the hill lobbying forever right with this magnet see act that’s been on hill forever so she gets a meeting with the White House the Clintons have met with this person forever and this is the huge news is right no statute if they try to with the electoral college than they tried to do a reelection revote it didn’t happen now it’s Russia lastly Obamacare when you see senator Susan Collins come out and say we should have been dealing with Democrats what’s your reaction yeah I did see it I mean it’s rather incredible right I mean we promised the right promises kind of in the top ten yellow Moses down on the and everything don’t bear false witness you have seven years to get ready and now like on the last segment mark shorts a friend of mine he says rands voting with Democrats no I don’t think so our bill does not get rid of Obamacare the regulations are Obamacare the mandate that’s neat there’s some other small ball stuff but the regulations are the guts of Obamacare and if you don’t get rid of the regs everybody but at home your prices are going to go up for twenty to thirty percent every year until you can no longer afford health care at all all my small businesses my district are having a hard time hiring people because they cannot afford health care right so when cought senator collins says that kind of remark they had seven years to way through the complexity of medicaid etcetera right so she had plenty of time to do that she goes do it like in the other networks giving a prime time and she’s liking the bow she’s getting from democrats in her district and I think it’s colored which he said in the past David brat was great to talk to you thanks so much Danny thanks Bryan straight ahead our next guest has fake news of far bigger threat to Western civilization than Kremlin he is dead dennis prager he’s next time for your news by the numbers first nearly 150,000 thats how many attempts were made to hack South Carolina’s voter registration system on election day sorry mom and dad that’s supporting the Wall Street Journal which also reports none was successful next eighty percent that’s how much pork belly prices have gone up this year the bacon craze being blamed for the record high in curry solutions finally fifty six point five million dollars that’s how much money war for the Planet of the Apes took in to rule the box office over the weekend a strike only to survive surprised by this the ape squashing spider-man homecoming by over 11 million dollars I thought they would kind of be neck and neck with a world barrel of Amy Poehler movie has active no they had won but I love both of them right they’re really funny meanwhile what’s the bigger threat to America fake news or Russia radio talk show host Dennis Prager recently tweeting this the news media in the West posed a far greater danger to Western civilization than Russia i joining us right now to discuss as the host of dennis prager show dennis prager dennis correct really you know i have to tell you and this may sound odd – i don’t know if to you but to many of the viewers i don’t understand why the tweet is controversial putin threat does not threaten Western civilization Western civilization is a set of ideas and values when students remove the American flag from their campuses that’s not Putin all of the things that are happening in the in the West to undo Western civilization are have nothing to do with Putin the university is the only thing I regret about the tweet is that I didn’t write the universities and the media in the West are a greater threat to Western civilization the New York Times publishes pieces that it is unfortunate that the United States was ever founded we should have been part of Canada from the beginning I mean I don’t again I don’t know why its controversial that’s what they’re ditching half of America’s Millennials think socialism is preferable to capitalism that’s a result of the media and the universities so do you agree with the president we need to put it out with all of its Sony unnamed sources and highly slanted and even fraudulent reporting hashtag fake news is distorting democracy in our country the media have gone from news media to opinion media in the guise of news that is extremely dangerous so essentially he is right so who do you believe or that he doesn’t tweet who do I blame for it the left has taken over the universities and the media in the West nor I wrote the West in if it’s true for the BBC it is true for the major media in Germany and it read the book of the strange death of Europe written by a guy who is an atheist and a gay major thinker Douglas Murray and he writes about how the media hide from the people of Europe easier opinion he’s a Brit the media completely hid from the people the devastating effects of massive immigration of Muslims into Europe so again it’s not a controversial unless you just don’t know what’s happening they got France Germany you got Belgium and you have even Sweden I saw some horrendous footage and we know has happened with a series of attacks over in London that’s all because the government’s been irresponsible to their own people but in the big picture Dennis I’m wondering if the president knows the media is against him he has to play the perfect game do you think they should I just deal with the situation at hand and try to play the perfect game with communications and try to overcome this and not give them things like a discovery of a meeting that would just fuel this fire well is it there’s no fire to fuel I really do believe it remains a witch-hunt and and so my objection to the president is the the non area dike nature of his tweets if I were the tweet Minister and it happened I would write very different things in a much more sophisticated way I fully acknowledge that sure and I’m sure some would be listen to Dennis Prager today on the radio you’re teaming up with Adam Corolla and a moment ago you mentioned you wish you would have mentioned the universities you and that’s right yeah take a look at safe spaces and talk a little bit about how colleges have taken some very bad ideas and ruin them well that’s like taking good ideas and ruined them the the we’re making a movie called no safe spaces people can visit see a trailer no safe spaces calm and it’s publicly funded because Hollywood obviously wouldn’t fund this listen the University of Pennsylvania just let me give you there’s there are so many examples but for whatever reason this is my favorite the University of Pennsylvania an Ivy League college has a Department of English for I don’t know how long a major beautiful mural of William Shakespeare was posted up was up at the Univision lished Department okay no logical reasons he’s the greatest writer of English and history they took it down because he was a white male alright here’s a look at the trailer we judge people based on racial origin and history of oppression we call it the progressive step I’m black I’m just banished I’m Asian I’m the student at utopia University you think that a bad idea is now hatching on campus have the potential to in fact or influence the entire country right absolutely as I said you know students at campus after campus are voting to remove the American flag because why because they believe it is a symbol of oppression the world has understood the American flag as a symbol of liberty when the American flag shows up in your country overwhelmingly people thank God for it and now it’s regarded as a symbol of oppression thanks to what the left is doing at the University and it’s where can we see your movie well it will be out next year it’s being made we’re good where we still we’re still making it so I hopefully every theater but in the meantime I would I would ask people to go to no safe spaces at Prague University calm dan fagre thank you thank you luckily campuses are given plenty of material driver for that’s true all right still ahead on this Monday the Trump administration cleaning house at the VA again more top officials just got fired how many and where details coming up plus congressman Sean Duffy and his wife Rachel compost Fe are here live in the studio Ryan was wondering if you share the same car today did you know I want to first [Music] we’re on the higher level here in studio F live from Studio F in the heart of midtown Manhattan possible friends and look who’s here on the curvy couch with us of the Republican congressman Wisconsin Sean Duffy and Pisces contributor Rachel Campos tell me good morning – Buffy what do you think look here’s all it’s awesome right so you like it yep and the studio has a kitchen and later on they’re going to be cooking with friends with your how many children do we only brought six of the eight kids we thought ate my spell oldest and what’s the youngest seventeen to one okay count them one two three four five hey you so why are on Thomas matter we only had six McKellar missing a couple of skills like we’re actually it was like searching easy different Oh like we’re like this is super easy so we’re gonna introduce and subdue got a magazine sylvester garbin yeah they don’t all fit that you don’t fit no happy but we have a drive around oh you got a roof rack oh if I might we have one of our kids is it my daughter drive makes it can be in separate cars on the designated driver okay different asthma congressman let’s talk about what’s going to be was happening at Capitol Hill not happening this week there’s not going to be a vote on the Senate bill because of the health of John McCain and that delay some people theorize will help the Senate try to wrestle the votes necessary or do you think it will hurt I think it helps I mean if you saw from our own experience in the house the longer it took to get health care done the more pressure that was building on members of Congress who know and it brings people together to find compromise because again we promised health care repeal and replace for seven eight years and our people expect us to get it done and so as members of Congress go home it’s remarkable people who have supported you for years and you’re wonderful representative you’re great near a fighter they come back at you hard to go listen I haven’t even supported you but as you raise money for you for you to go there and not get health care repeal your place down you promise me make it happen from and that’s a good thing Rachel if it doesn’t happen this mean for am your and mom you’re trying to feed all of these children you’re worried about their futures you’re worried about health care what does it mean for our country if this doesn’t get passed or repealed in our place well it’s a huge – for our communities and we live in the Midwest we live in Wisconsin if you don’t get health care passed so you have all the issues of surrounding healthcare the things you guys discussed earlier but if you don’t get health care passed you can’t move on the tax reform which so many of our small businesses are depending on but that says I love the segment you guys had earlier with the pollster who said that no one’s talking about Russia in the middle it’s absolutely true we live within these places Russia comes up because they’re mad that Russia is the topic or they’re mad that Hillary isn’t getting Russia topics as well as Trump people are talking about manufacturing logging sup mining ZUP you know 42 Bills have been signed that have been lessened lessening regulations they’re happy about what he did with the Paris Accord on so the base is happy with Trump they’re worried about Congress sure and Congress would apparently according the White House communications people the reason they’re doing made in America week this week is to tee up tax reform and you know while it is uncertain at this point whether or not health care goes through tax reform is something the president is very animated about this are the American people right but the tax reform will not happen unless we have health care reform done this is something you have to drive into the American people’s minds because they’re using Budget Reconciliation these stupid Senate rules and in tax reform it has to be revenue neutral so every textile you move down another tax tile has to go up we take a trillion dollars of Obamacare taxes to move those tax tiles down bad trillion dollars yeah but this is a taxes no you’re right so we don’t get to go to quit the court to a trillion dollars and then we have the border adjustment tax which that’s that’s up in the air right now but that was another trillion dollars but we’re trying to figure out how to do tax reform and the new concert reconciliate be revenue neutral and I mean the way you solve this is get rid of the filibuster rules thank you you only need to sit here on votes we’ll get rid of it and we can do whole-cell are you willing to do that if Democrats are in the majority because you get to be very feel powerless because Democrats are going to do it anyway on that majority they’re going to get rid of it when they have the majority we might as well do it now on accomplish this agenda we won a thousand seats since Obamacare and the American people want us to accomplish this agenda and we’re not getting it done because of stupid Senate rules well then if you’re going to go nuclear option just repealing just oh the whole thing oh well shebang we’re talking about health care yeah health care giving the wholesale tax reform and then you see explosive economic growth families are helped more jobs more opportunity better wages and the Trump agenda is on fire Medicaid you know what it’s like you talk to a lot of people they’re barely getting by and a lot of them live on Medicaid and now because the states that made it work without Medicaid those Medicaid dollars is Wisconsin right now to do without it Florida without it and now Ohio gets it and they’re saying how dare you take it away what’s your reaction today well so there’s an inequity there right but you know what we have we have to as lawmakers consider the Wisconsin model and all the good things we did without taking the extra money and in fixing medicate ourselves but also we have to consider Ohio and how do we have an equitable solution that takes in Ohio and Wisconsin and Florida and Texas and it becomes a little bit challenging because you treat in one state differently than another but our realities are different all right Sean Rachel thank y’all so much for being with us we’re going to have you at the end of the show like pancake which is every time Wisconsin – pancakes – what something that hasn’t been done we haven’t met all the children yet well we’re only going to meet six of the eight most of us all right so an hour from now with that any time again headlines right over there Jillian’s gone well if you can’t wait an hour for the pancakes it’s a big problem very good morning see you at home let’s start with this right now President Trump once again cleaning house at the VA secretary is Veterans Affairs David Shelton taking immediate action removing two top officials and the dangerous care allegations the Manchester VA hospitals medical center director Danielle offer and she cooks death James sloths are both replaced pending a top-to-bottom review now this move comes just hours after the Boston Sunday globe published a report alleging horrifying conditions that includes a bug infested Opera well juice could soon be loosed OJ Simpson’s former lawyer Yale Galanter says he thinks his old client will likely be paroled at his hearing Thursday the 70 year old has spent nine years in the Nevada prison for armed robbery and kidnapping slanter says parole in the state is based on how you behave in prison and that OJ has been a model inmate now if paroled he could be out as early as October and a major wedding dress chain breaks its silence days after abruptly closing its doors Alfred Angelo Bridal is apologizing for the quote inconvenience and hardship after filing bankruptcy but the company isn’t saying what will happen to the thousands of brides to be waiting for their dresses or even a refund at this point disclosed in all 60 of its own stores and pulling wedding dresses out of nearly 1,500 stores that carry their dresses and I know this was a business but a big story for days guys so many women across the country are just what’s going to happen yeah they’re not left of the altar they’re looked at the dress store yes or to find another dress store Wow which they’ve already paid for yep all right Julian thank you very much thank you guys all right meanwhile next on our rundown is the star-spangled banner pompous and should it be removed from sporting events one columnist think so we need to hear what she’s saying and remember this campaign pledge from President Trump simple rules when it comes to rebuilding this country by American and higher American well today the president is following through on that promise kicking off his made in America campaign at the White House Stuart Varney is here to react he’s coming up next live from Studio F good morning short which were the president’s signature campaign promises remember we will have two simple rules when it comes to rebuilding this country by American and hire American yup the president now falling through the White House launching is by American higher American campaign here to reassess host of Varney & Company on the Fox Business Network mr. Stuart Varney hey Stuart good morning all this is this is a big deal it’s a good messaging tactic too so as we enter in tax reform we’re talking about tax reform look the two points of this the president is now taking the lead pushing for made in America higher America that item one and you’ll see that today he’s got the South Lawn of the White House or decorated out with all 50 states have contributed a product made in their state made in America that president make a public statement that’s a big deal he’s pushing for that number two we now hear that he’s got a Barnstorm America primarily the Midwest in the middle of August pushing for tax cuts tax reform in other words he’s taken the lead he’s allowed health care not not health care maybe he wants to bounce back from the health care delay because in mid-august he’s embarking on this trip to the Midwest so we hear and he’s going to push hard for tax cuts what he’s doing is he’s taking the lead on the two key elements of his economic growth program by America high American and tax cuts will get us where we want to be he’s out front at this before they have had a couple of teen weeks in the past infrastructure energy technology and stuff like that but he’d come out and he’d talk about it but the White House machine wasn’t really behind it they’re actually going to be behind this where this leads to tax reform well the media is not exactly giving him a fair shake when any of his policies I mean they’re all over Russia Russia Russia it’s constant it never ever stops I don’t think it’s going to stop now it’s really in code upon people like us to say look he’s out there with this program he’s cutting taxes he’s barnstorming the country let’s give this guy not just a fair shake but let’s hear what he’s got to say but his tweets have to stay with the theme to a lot of times he sees something in the headlines kicked off he’ll tweet and he’ll go off that message so but he’s got to stay in them yes but he’s keeping the support of his core supporters they are still with him but the theme we to work he’s got to stay with the theme okay yeah okay you don’t like his tweet Syria and now well if he stays on by American that would help fuel everything because it will give them nothing else to talk about how you advise to the president stay with the theme and they with the theme they can get graded okay I’ll tell it right here less time he had a theme week he on average did four or five tweets per day and one of them would be on that week so let’s see what he does let’s just immediate fix it up I don’t think they’re going to see the 50 products on the South Lawn I want to see like what represent South Carolina what represents New York look at this Mario what do we have to wonder well so anyone eight Americans will be able to see that on Stewart over in fossils between 9:00 and noon today maybe the Scottevest will be on the south of dad said I was coming up next next up on the rundown is the star-spangled banner’ pompous and should it be removed from sporting events one column think so former NFL player Burgess Owens is fired up about that he joins us I was at Fort McHenry yesterday absolutely not the Chicago Tribune under fire this morning for publishing an opinion piece defending Colin Kaepernick by attacking patriotism opinion writer Dianna goiz she writes the star-spangled banner is a pompous battle number spurred by a petition bearing 5 million veteran signatures Congress designated at the national anthem in 1931 but it wasn’t until 1942 and our entry into World War two that it was played on loudspeakers daily before games here to react to this is former NFL player and author of the book liberalism or how to turn good men into whiners weenies and wimps verges Owen thank you so much for gist for being on with us what’s your reaction to what this columnist wrote about Colin Kaepernick and patriotism well that’s the beauty of our country we have a chance to express ourselves when we want to but we do have a free market and the capitalism free market says that Americans feel good about a flag they live out our country and it will pay those who stand strongly for it and they will not say those who stand against it that’s why right now it’s a neon quarterback you look for in a job because Americans do not like the message he gave us you think it’s because the owners and the coaches say this guy is too political he’s not American it’s going to affect the bottom line well if capitalism 101 at the end of the day it comes down to this athletes of commodities the goal very simply is to win games get in Super Bowl and make sure that the company is profitable American people also have a choice we’re going to decide to support these teams or not if they decide they’re not going to support them in the in these companies begin to realize and make they’re losing money they’re going to decide not to invest tens of millions elevant athletes like that so it comes down to the free pre market and those who understand they need to put their brand if they want to make income make sure the brand is very strong about American will and they’ll do finding this country or just we wanted to have you on because you’ve stood on the sidelines as a pro athlete you stood for the national anthem we wanted to talk to you about this opinion piece and what the writers messages or what her opinions are and get your reaction and what the national anthem means to you as an American well I tell you I came from a very proud sir gated community returning a veteran for World War two my dad was extremely successful the things he did but he died the most important thing in his life was that he returned as a world war two veteran I looked very simply those of us those who have to pay the price who make sure we have the kind of conversation we’re having right now with those who do not do not like our country like our flag still have the right to say so and those of us who believe in our country and our flag have our right to to pay for those those who agree with us and that’s basically it comes down to I’m excited about a pass and I’m excited by those of us who understand we need to fight for the capitalist judeo-christian barriers we have and understand we are up against the socialist and Marxist views that are not not bad for our country Burgess Owens thank you so much I know your dad will be proud of you thank you thank you guys appreciate it you’re welcome coming up next president trans lawyer says Donald Trump jr. did nothing illegal but is that enough to stop the media attacks we’re going to ask David bossy there’s his picture he’s going to be in our senior neck [Music]

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