you will see the beginning of the end of the nightmare of Obamacare Republican health care bill in the Senate it’s a piece of junk this is a system that is crying out for reform and revision and that’s what we’re trying to do the longer the bill is out there the more conservative Republicans are going to discover that it’s not repeal this is a new day with Chris Cuomo and Alison come around good morning everyone welcome to your new day chris is off this morning John Berman joins me great to have you here happy to be here excellent a new poll shows president Trump’s approval ratings sliding to a record low the ABC news/washington post poll finds just 36% of Americans approve of the job mr. Trump is doing that’s the lowest six months approval rating of any president in seven decades mr. Trump unleashing a flurry of tweets defending his son’s meeting with a Russian attorney and once again attacking the media and Hillary this is one of the president’s biggest campaign promises that’s repeal and replace Obamacare faces a new setback the Senate has laid a vote in the latest health care bill as Senator John McCain recovers from blood clot surgery we have a big week ahead and covering it all for you let’s see what CNN – Joe John is live at the White House good morning Jim good morning John president Trump is back in Washington DC frankly hoping to turn the page after a week of revelations regarding Donald Trump Jr’s meetings with that Russian lawyer and now it does appear that the whole swirl of controversy over the Russia investigation as well as the stalled agenda on Capitol Hill continuing to affect the president’s approval ratings congratulations mr. president after nearly six months in office President Donald Trump now facing the lowest approval rating in recent history just 36 percent approved of the president’s performance in a new ABC news/washington post poll a six percent drop since the 100 day mark in April the president attempting to spin these results claiming that almost 40% is not bad and asserting that the poll was inaccurate during the election the poll also showing that 63% of Americans think that the meeting between Trump jr. Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner and a Russian lawyer to get dirt on Hillary Clinton was inappropriate most people would have taken that meeting it’s called opposition research the president once again focusing on his former rival in a Sunday morning tweet while defending his son amid the latest revelations that at least eight people attended the meeting including a Russian American lobbyists who served in the Soviet military this despite Trump juniors insistence that all of the details about the meeting have been disclosed I think if anything else was garroted terror leaders to be Sheriff he first said no such meeting ever happened and then he said the meeting was about adoptions and then he admitted the meeting was about getting information on Hillary Clinton and that he was a forthcoming about who was in the meeting so we can’t accept anything Don jr. says one of the president’s personal lawyers also coming to Trump juniors defense during a PR blitz on the sunday shows Donald Trump jr. himself said things should have been done differently having said that again none of that is violation of the law that’s more processed while raising a possible defense of the meaning that this was nefarious why’d the Secret Service allow these people in the Secret Service pushing back noting in a statement Donald Trump jr. was not a protectee of the US ss in June 2016 thus we would not have screened anyone he was meeting with at the time not to be overlooked this morning the Senate delaying its highly anticipated vote to repeal and replace the Obama health care plan because a key senator has a health issue of his own Senator John McCain recovering from surgery also delayed the release of the CBO score or the financial estimate if you will of the health care plan now on Capitol Hill John and Allison back to you okay Joe thanks so much we should let everybody know we will have dr. Sanjay Gupta on our show later in the program to help us understand what Senator McCain is going through and what the prognosis is okay let’s bring in our panel now to discuss all this we have CNN political analyst John Avlon associate editor and columnist for Real Clear Politics AV Stoddard and congressional reporter for The Washington Post Karan diversiĆ³n great to see all of you John give us a historical perspective on this ABC News poll but she finds President Trump at 36% approval it is an unprecedented low in the history of polling no president has been this low at the six-month mark the people closest to people like Gerald Ford major reason for that is he pardons Richard Nixon I mean that that’s the kind of contemporary political baggage that that we’re dealing with it without an event like that Bill Clinton also in this may be the most instructive parallel really it gets creamed in the public poll numbers particularly it’s as low at the five month mark but he starts to make decided changes he brings in David Gergen fellow CNN analyst who had been a member of the Reagan administration the Nixon administration to come in and try to steady the ship with an idea of communications he eventually subs out his chief of staff Mack McLarty his childhood friend in favor of Leon Panetta and and that makes all the difference so he took the poll numbers that were in truck shape because of a series of small scandals and redid the way his White House operated and that made all yeah no sign yet and the Trump White has this change at all and you know in a faith continuing disapproval over some of the Russia drip drip drip things that keep on coming out a be 60% of the polling there’s a meeting with Donald Trump jr. in these Russians we don’t know how many at this point was inappropriate and then there’s another number a B that’s really remarkable from the NBC news/wall Street Journal poll that looks at the county is that voted for President Obama in 2012 and flipped to vote for Donald Trump look at that in those counties Donald Trump now is a 44 percent approval 51 percent disapproval he’s underwater you’re looking at key Trump voters your voters that he really need and they may be starting to turn on it may be right and so you see Republicans with clinging to the Republican support percentages in these polls for Donald Trump and thinking they have more time because if their party turns on him then they’ll be forced to but so far as we always know Trump has a super sturdy resilient base of at least 30 five 38% is going to stick with them no matter what and then they want to be looking at Republican support they prefer the high 80s it’s now getting into the low 80s but you’re not saying the Republicans you know overall breaking away from him but the loss of support among independents and those soft Trump voters the ones who voted for Obama and thought well it’s a risk but you know this guy really sounds like he has a great blend is going to get to DC and knock headsman a successful businessman we desperate for change Hillary Clinton is the epitome of the incumbent of establishment and of the status quo we have to move on here those are the ones where he’s begun to bleed support and remember his numbers in election day and exit polls were pretty bad he had very strong high disapproval and there was a strong majority the entire time in polling among voters even who supported him on election day who said he did not have the qualifications for the office and to serve as commander in chief so as we look to the midterms Republicans will be looking at that first number I mentioned Republican support but then they’re going to be looking at that loss of Independence because where where does that battle for the house next year that twenty three to four seat battle for Republicans to cling to the majority where does it take place in the in the in the districts that hillary won or Trump won by five percent or less not the strong districts where Trump is loved it’s the ones that are on the margins and those are the ones they’re worried about so far and it’s hard not to think that all of these different Russia developments are impacting the president’s approval rating as well as the idea that because of those he’s not able to get to the agenda items that he had promised so this weekend there were more development and president Trump’s personal attorney Jay Sekulow was did the rounds on the Sunday morning shows and he basically said if everybody was going to be so bothered by these Russians or Russian Americans who met with Don jr. why didn’t the Secret Service flag it they could have flagged it they could have said you know he shouldn’t be meeting with these people Secret Service has come out now in a highly unusual segment I mean they rarely talk instead a saying said no we didn’t know Donald Trump jr. was not a protectee of the Secret Service in June of 2016 they say thus we would not have screened anyone he was meeting with at that time your thoughts right well I mean it’s if we are to take the what the president’s lawyer said in the most generous light and maybe you could say well it’s because the meeting was in Trump Tower if Trump was in Trump Tower at the time there maybe have been some sort of guarding mechanism that the Secret Service is participating in the idea that they were you know had shut down the whole building those who said yeah that seems to be further than they were going at the time because people were coming in and out for other reasons and to meet with the president so maybe in that situation the Secret Service might have had some sense but it’s raising the question of okay if he’s raising the Secret Service as a defense mechanism does that mean that this got closer to Trump and we so far have known does that mean that maybe Trump was involved in the meeting or knew of the meeting or something like that where the Secret Service would have had a heads-up or been involved in some way so is it just something that he let slip because it’s a good thing good sounding thing to say that makes it seem like the whole building was under Secret Service security lockdown etc because the president was there and nobody was going to get in or out without the Secret Service approving that or is it a little hint indication of maybe there’s something else here that we don’t know about which is this has been a very big thing with the president saying he only found out about it a few days before it was public information that that this meeting took place if that’s not the case that means there’s more obfuscation and it raises larger questions because again this has become a really central piece of the of the case that many people are trying to make that there was coordination between Trump’s team and Russian operatives and if that goes up to the president that’s a very very different matter than the president’s son yeah look the only thing secular was trying to do was distract their NE and throw smoke and what was remarkable as the Secret Service wasn’t hasn’t having any of it they just said nah you know this is your issue it’s not our issue you deal with it politically it has no protection implications here you know John Avlon something else remarkable happened this weekend which is that the house representatives have delayed the vote on health care why because because John McCain had surgery it is an Arizona recovering for the week and we do send our best that you know did John McCain and his family hope for the best for him over the coming weeks you know he’s been through a lot so no question that he’s going to come out of it okay but the look you know the fact that one guy can’t vote the way that Mitch McConnell wants a devote this week means that this boat can’t happen at all it just shows how close things are that’s exactly right so don’t buy any spin that says it’s a sign of strength and the bill will get stronger over time that’s never the case if they have the votes they’d be pushing forward and we do wish John McCain all the best in this but it’s a sign of that it’s not just the margins are bad it’s that they’re underwater we’ve heard you know Susan Collins has said that there are even more senators who have real troubles there Republican governors coming out against the bill and so you’re left to you know vice president pence coming out saying that you know the president I believe that this bill won’t hurt people on Medicare and Medicaid and and other Republicans are called BS on that so this is a bill in real trouble and there’s very little history of bills getting stronger over the August recess maybe when you poke around on Capitol Hill what’s the thought is something going to be voted on next week well there’s a lot of concern obviously about the fact that you already have Collins and Rand Paul Susan Collins and Rand Paul coming out against the bill and that leaves you really right at the margin with Vice President pence being the 51st tie breaking vote so as John was saying they don’t they’re with with Senator Collins raising the specter of another 7 people having concerns most particularly senator Heller in Nevada with his governor perhaps you know he’s made some comments that the bill is not good enough bearing down on him and then of course Governor Kasich and Ohio bearing down on senator Portman there’s a bunch of people we can see voting against this bill so it they always think it’s doomed until you know they hope Mitch McConnell pulls that rabbit out of that hat they keep talking it up forever reason the CBO says it’s not going to give it score today which may have just been more tough news for Republicans trying to push this through that spin delay so nothing’s happening right now okay guys stick around some others we want to tell you about search operations resumed in central Arizona for a missing 27 year old man swept away in this weekend’s flash flooding at least nine people were killed including six children it is believed they were all taking part of a family outing in a swimming hole about 90 miles north of Phoenix on Saturday heavy rain triggered a mudslide four family members were arrest more than 7 million people cast their ballots in Venezuela in a symbolic rejection of president Nicolas Maduro plan to rewrite the Constitution that proposal sparking mounting tensions in a nation hit with months of violent anti-government protests meanwhile one woman died as she waited to vote in the unofficial referendum on Sunday men on motorbikes fired at a group of people killing her and injuring at least three others right the driver of an SUV is in critical condition this morning after crashing onto the roof of a st. Louis home look at that how did that happen I will tell joka witnesses say the driver was speeding as he approached the intersection in front of the house yeah the SUV went up an embankment and then apparently went airborne it took more than an hour for the fire department to rescue the man from the SUV fortunately no one was home in the house at the time of the crash how fast you have to be going to make your SUV airborne that’s crazy I mean raisi it doesn’t make it a three car garage now that’s crazy ladder he said it was okay hm meanwhile he testified behind closed doors and now a former Trump campaign adviser is talking to us well he told the health Intel committees about the Trump campaign and Russia next new day is be president truck defends his son as new details surfaced about that meeting at Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer and her associates one former Trump campaign official Michael Caputo testified on Friday before the House Intelligence Committee about what he knows and the president praised him in a tweet saying thank you to former campaign adviser Michael Caputo for saying so powerfully that there was no Russian collusion in our winning campaign former Trump campaign director Michael Caputo joins us now good morning Michael good morning how are you I’m doing well so you testified for four hours in behind closed doors in house Intel committee can you tell us what they wanted to know and what you told them well it would seem to me in a lot of ways and I think my attorney who’s a veteran prosecutor that this is a fishing expedition to some degree I mean there was some very directed very well researched questions and they asked me a lot about individuals going through name after name after name they also asked me about the six seven years I lived in Russia in the 1990s which to me was a rather historical discussion and really had nothing to do with Donald Trump but I think they were looking for the context that I brought to the campaign and and I was hoping that I was successful in clearing up the matter well I think you were successful certainly in gripping and holding their attention because congressman Danny heck said of your appearance I will tell you that’s probably the most fascinating three hours of time I have spent in my nearly five years in the United States House of Representatives what would he referring to well I’m also bulleting well I’m also fun to go have a beer with but at the same time there is no Russian collusion I think it’s a delusion and and I think while we had a nice discussion and by the way you know this is an intimidating thing I spent my time in the house representatives coordinating television coverage of committee hearings I’ve been to and coordinated coverage of more than a hundred of them and you still don’t know what you’re going to get into when you get behind closed doors yeah with the House Intelligence Committee you know it seemed like a pretty partisan operation before I walked in there but every single member who was present including Minority Leader Adam Schiff we’re very polite to me a very direct and and very you know you know forth forthright with their question but I didn’t have any notice it was highly partisan that’s nice so you came away believing that it’s fair that’s very good for us to know you resigned eleven days after what we now know to place there with this Don junior Paul Manafort Jared Kushner meeting with this Russian attorney and her associate did you know about that meeting no I did not and since after I left the campaign headquarters to go to work at the convention on her honor about like June first I was went into a silo and into a command structure I reported to the campaign through the director of caucus operations at the convention and it wouldn’t be unusual for me not to hear about this kind of a meeting had you ever heard of Natalya vessel Mnet’s kaya I’ve never heard of miss vessel beats kaya I’ve talked to people that I know trying to figure out who she is none of them heard of her I don’t think that she’s a Kremlin operative like they’re saying but she’s someone who I never heard of until she was revealed in the media it’s when you had worked at the campaign John jr. had come to you knowing your work in Russia and said hey I just got this email from a pal who says that this comes from the highest levels of the Russian government and that they have some dirt on Hillary Clinton that they’d like to give us what would you have told him to do I would have said you know kick it upstairs kick it to the attorneys kick it to the opposition research department to see if this is an appropriate or even worthwhile meeting you know you don’t want those kinds of meetings to even come anywhere close to the president or or to the president’s family I mean any opposition research meetings whether they come no matter where they come from you know as an experienced campaign operative I might have seen a red flag but at the same time you have to understand that the the members of the family of the first time this is the first time president Trump ever ran for office his kids were unfamiliar with it and I can see how Don jr. might make a mess and I appreciated his candor after this stuff’s broke and then broke again and broke again in a TV interview where he said it’s something if he had time you know could do it over again he would do it differently I respect that and I hear you the Don jr. and his family are political neophyte check we all understand that but Paul Manafort isn’t why would fall metaphor in that manner right well I’ll tell you I know Paul for 30 years I also know at that time he was getting upwards of 500 email messages a day he you know Paul probably did not read all the way down several inches into the string of the email he received a meeting request from the president’s son and his job at that moment was to say yes and to go but you know the meeting didn’t last long I think the members you know people who are attending it realized the context of the meeting and ended it pretty quickly do you know the lobbyist who was in that meeting do you know the name I think that I think that this is the right name for not a connection I don’t know him and I’ve not heard of him but there are a lot of Russian and Russian Americans who work in Washington some of the highest levels of our government some with the highest levels of security clearance and also lobbyists who work on the on the margins of the government it’s not unusual to me that someone like him would have been in the Washington orbit it seems a little odd that he’d be in that meeting but miss Bethenny skya was looking for a friend to take and I guess she took him I understand from some of the media reports he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt so I don’t think he was expecting to be there either from your experience working in Russia for as many years as you did and even coming into contact with Vladimir Putin is it now your impression that Vladimir Putin was looking to somehow compromise or coops or play the trump campaign I think the the Russian government looks to get involved in elections for every single one of the countries in the United Nations Security Council at least and probably many many more our country does the same it’s important to note that in 1994 my government the Clinton administration sent me to Russia to get involved in their elections so usually shame I fear this I hear this from a lot of people so yeah you think the u.s. is the same as Russia you put those on an even par in terms of election meddling I don’t know if it’s an even-par cuz I’m not quite sure of what we do I don’t know if we hack or oarfish emails I’m not quite sure what we do to get involved and like I know the direct involvement and sending advisers to go in and work on partisan elections all around the world you know that we saw President Obama send a team over to the Israeli election to tip that in favor of his favorite candidate so it may be different I’m not sure we’re on par but we both get involved in foreign elections in our own way to try to tilt them in our favor and to sit there as a you know but the Democrats and the committees wagging their finger as if this is something that only is done by the Russians that just you know it’s just it’s a dubious claim do you consider Russia a hostile foreign power of course not when I heard that on the show this morning it raised an eyebrow you know unless I woke up and I didn’t hear the news we’re not at war with Russia you know I can remember when when George W Bush was trying to make things better with in our relationship mber Hillary Clinton giving a a misspelled you know restart button to the former minister of the Russian Federation wanting to gain better relations I think Donald Trump want to have better relations with every country I think we have an opening to have stronger relations more peaceful relations more productive relations looking at things like Isis and other really important issues with Russia and I’ve every said why would that this is the part that they’re all so confused with me from the Trump campaign why was it so bad if Hillary doesn’t wanted to reset but Donald Trump wants to reset and you guys approve of that I thought I didn’t think it was bad that Hillary Clinton wanted to reset it I was hopeful when she came with that red button unfortunately devolved like it did under George W and I think in a new administration as it comes in that the idea that they want to have better relationships in the previous administration is not unusual we have a you Niq opportunity here to have better relations with Russia and many other nations but this investigation in particular is souring that opportunity and I’d like to see them get to the bottom of these things as soon as poss yeah and so very quickly when Republicans in Congress Lindsey Graham John McCain say that Russia is an adversary you think that they’re wrong absolutely I’m on the other side of Lindsey Graham and and John McCain best wishes to him in the hospital this week on many issues especially foreign policy these are neo-cons as we know and and I’m not even though I spent most of my youth working in programs like the Reagan doctrine fighting the Soviet Union’s goals in Central America and Asia and other places I see a unique opportunity here to work with Russia not against Russia we’re not all you know we often are looking at at different priorities as nations we have a lot in common especially the people of the United States and the people of Russia let’s not squander this opportunity Michael Caputo we appreciate you being on new day and sharing your take on all this Thanks thank you John all right the president’s approval rating hitting a record low but his base seems to be standing behind swing motors not so much we’ll dig deeper Nick president’s approval rating at a record low for a leader six months into his administration the Russia investigation making new twists and turns and we just heard from someone who worked inside the Trump campaign and just testified before the House Intelligence Committee let’s talk about it all joining us now CNN political commentator Michaels from a cottage Michael thanks so much for being with us you know Allison here my colleague just had a fascinating discussion with Michael Caputo who was working inside the Trump campaign when that meeting between John Jr and the number of Russians took place and he said you know what you know Don Jr you know he didn’t know any better you know he admits now he made a mistake but he didn’t know that there was anything sketchy going on there and he appreciates his transparency now is that a fair assessment of that meeting for more than a year ago know what I found significant about that line of questioning and I’m so glad you’re giving me the chance to say this is that the response that he offered relative to Paul Manafort participation was to say well Paul was then receiving 500 emails a day and I was sitting here watching it and I was saying to myself all the more reason why if it were really about adoption it didn’t warrant his attention it didn’t warrant his time it always struck me as not passing the smell test that you would have the triumvirate of Trump jr. man afford and Kushner all there if it really were to talk about adoption okay I remember it fright that what they were offered was dirt okay so they thought they were going to get dirt on Hillary Clinton the adoption thing only came up when Don jr. tried to in public justify what that meeting was about that was a oh I would survive out and I have the emails I have I have the emails right here I know exactly of what you’re speaking they were offered high-level and sensitive information that would incriminate Hillary and that came with the support of the Russian government I’m just trying to say that that there was there was no credibility to the defense that was initially offered Paul Manafort was there because they were promised dirt not because they were there to talk about adoption yeah if you get in 500 emails a day why does he show up to this meeting unless you think you’re right exactly exactly which I’m like one more thing because this keeps coming up in the voter panels that I do I keep hearing just what Michael Caputo just said which is you know what the u.s. metals all the time in other countries elections – there’s no difference between what Russia tried to do and what the US does what’s your thinking on that I happen to have had a guest on my program on Saturday an academic named ah’ve Levin he’s from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh who has documented that on 61 occasions in 80 different nations from the from the post-world War two ERA through 2000 we have been involved not in computer hacking but in trying to determine the outcome elections now is there a moral equivalence between us supportive of a pro-democracy force when the opposition was communism I mean that subject to debate but I think it’s a fair point that we don’t entirely have clean hands but it also doesn’t mean you want to invite other countries into your election you know is not a one of ours not so Michael a new poll has a new poll out just moments ago from ABC News it’s got the numbers and I think you will find particularly interesting 67 percent of those polled in the ABC News poll that’s that’s not what the number was showing there there we go 67% say they disapprove of the president’s use of Twitter 65% of those polled when asked to associate it with a certain word believed well 68 percent say inappropriate 65 percent say it’s insulting 52 percent say it’s dangerous so the people in this ABC News poll they don’t like what the president’s doing with social media Michael okay so John I might be in the majority of each of those three statistics but the fact is if you look at that Washington post/abc survey it’s effective he’s successful if you want to know why the base is hanging with them the base is not budging independents are but the base is hardcore it’s because they are being fed on those twitter lines so a majority of Americans might find them offensive might find them unpresidential might wish that he should stop but so long as he continues to reach the now 36 percent who are supporting him that his lifeline to them and by the way every time he bashes fake news the mainstream media CNN etc etc that’s what those folks want to hear as distressing as that might be well Michael stick around because coming up I have another one of the Trump voter panel and they say exactly they echo exactly what you just said they love his Twitter feed and they will explain why they have such a passion for it Michael thank you very much great to get your take on that see you guys okay so the state of health care in Washington now rests on the health of veterans Senator John McCain he’s recovering from surgery this morning what is his condition what for his recovery dr. Sanjay Gupta tells us next though the Republican push to repeal and replace Obamacare is on hold as Senator John McCain who had expressed reservations about the bill while he is recovering from surgery to remove a blood clot above his eye the Senators office says doctors ordered him to stay home for a week but could his condition be more serious than we know Treena chief medical correspondent dr. Sanjay Gupta joins us now you know and Sanjay how serious is this as an eyebrow incision it sounds small but is that the case yeah I think it really was sounding small the way that it was described initially an eyebrow incision that take out a blood clot what the hospital released on Friday to give a little more definition to what happened here it was an eyebrow incision which which typically is done to try and hide the scar but after that it was the skin was opened and then actually the bone underneath there you can feel the bone underneath the eyebrow was also open that’s called a craniotomy and that’s to basically gain access to the brain let me just show you quickly here I have a model this is a model of a skull it was over the left eye there so it was in this area and again this bone was removed to basically get access to the brain you can see this is this is the frontal lobe of the brain it would be in this area right around here but they’d actually be able to gain access it’s it’s it’s a significant operation anytime you’re basically opening the bone to get to gain access to the brain the significant operation requires general anesthesia there was obviously an abnormality there that was concerning enough for him to go through this with the doctors to recommend that so we don’t know for sure I’m not sure the final results have come back yet but not an insignificant operation by any means Sanjay how do you think they figured out that he had a blood clot behind his eye and I just want to remind people remember there was that moment during the coma hearing where Senator McCain seemed to be sort of way off message and confused let’s just remind people of this moment that investigation was going on this investigation is going on you reach separate conclusions that one was done you’re going to have to help me out here in other words we’re complete the investigation of anything that former Secretary Clinton had to do where the campaign is over and we don’t have to worry about it anymore with respect to circle it’ll confused Center okay so do you is there some sort of connection that you as a doctor would draw between his condition and that moment it’s tough to draw a cause and effect there when someone has a pressure on the frontal lobe of the brain there could be all sorts of things typically people may have headache sometimes they can develop some weakness on the other side it can affect your judgment but it that that’s just it’s hard to say I will tell you that they say that the the abnormality I’m going to call an abnormality versus a blood clot because we still don’t know for sure what this is it was about five centimeters in size which again is pretty sizable if you sort of if you sort of think about the brain and this is not obviously an exact replica but you know it’s a pretty significant size there of compression if you will on that part of the brain what what is concerning I think a little bit is that you know he has a pretty significant history of melanoma including melanoma in his left temple this area right here that was invasive that was back in 2000 as a result of that you usually have frequent screenings to make sure luck is is there any any evidence of spread is there any concern here what the hospital said is that this was found on a routine scan so it didn’t make it sound like he went in for a particular reason but it was a planned routine scan for follow-up and most likely because of the melanoma Sonjay they say one week does that sound like enough time to recover to you it sounds a little short of I’ll be honest it’s it’s again I would not minimize this operation people can recover quickly he’s 80 years old it’s a pretty big operation if it were one of my patients you’d say at least a couple of weeks typically before you have the person sort of you know back to their regular activities of daily living okay Sanjay thank you very much for explaining all of us obviously we’re thinking of Senator McCain and wishing him the best right now so president Trump’s approval rating hits a record low in this new poll or his supporter of Stan by his side will speak to one of our panel of Trump voters there from all over the country they have a lot to say about him next

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