Ana Navarro crushes Trump advisor for defending presidents Hillary golf ball tweet by smirking

Date: 2017-09-18 14:40:06

Ana Navarro blistered a supporter of Donald Trump after he smirked his way through an answer defending the president for retweeting a video of himself hitting a golf ball at Hillary Clinton.

Sunday morning, the president went on a Twitter binge that included an animated gif of himself hitting a golf drive that cut to another clip that made it appear it hit Hillary Clinton in the back and knocked her down.

Asked about the clip, former Trump campaign strategist David Urban tried to dismiss the president promoting violence against women.

“The president speaks directly to the folks,” Urban offered.

“I won’t judge what’s appropriate and inappropriate. Retweets do not equal endorsement, I think it says that on the bottom,” he continued before smirking at the camera.

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